Macron and Brigitte “All things together, coexistence” –

Macron and Brigitte "All things together, coexistence" -
Since Stefano Montefiori

Portrait of the Presidential couple signed by a former friend of the Premier Dam

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Paris – a cohabiting couple, it is not clear where it ends and the other begins, it is constantly talked about every hour of the day, lent to politics but established forever in romanticism. Hence the writer Gail Chakalov The book describes Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron As long as we are both “
, Which is coming to Flamerion / Versilio in French bookstores today. “If we are together” is the title and meaning of two lives: The Politics and ELC appear to be secondary factors, Temporary, the territory on which their understanding expresses today, this moment, the couple’s real priority

Chuckaloff wrote the book after dating Macron for five years
Especially Bridget’s friend.
A Fractured relationship
When the 49-year-old writer told her about the project. “I explained it to you My book would talk about both of you, Not just the president, because It seemed impossible to write about him without writing about you – Chakalov explains turning to her friend -. You did not take it. Your cold, determined words interrupted our communication.

The First Lady It’s clear: “I do not want anyone to talk about us to expose our couple.” The 250-page book seeks to shed light on the love affair between two people they met at high school desks, one of whom is 24 years older than the other. A relationship that the French government could not fail to inflict consequences on, if it is true, as Chuckloff claims, it is.
On any political issue The president has the most influential adviser, his wife, Bridget Trognex.

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His friend Gazpard Gantser says: “One evening, I saw this woman arrive, she was younger but older than Emmanuel, which is unbelievable. They act like teenagers and they always shake hands.

My classmate is Gantzer (Macron now closed elite school,) AD), Then when Macron was finance minister, he was communications manager for President Franകോois Hollande. “She promises him unconditional love, which keeps him going and gives her boundless confidence.Ganster also recalls how Macron announced to then-President Hollande that he would leave the government to run for president: “The day after he entered office without saying anything to me.” But when it comes to business matters, it can be ruthless. ‘

Valerie Trierwheeler, Joined Elysee Hollande’s partner with Elysee before discovering the betrayal with Julie Gayet, He is excited about the book And “an indestructible partnership that makes this extraordinary couple strong”. The author also collected the testimonies of Gal Chackalof Macron’s mother

, Franോois Nogs. The spring election of 2022 is just a few months away, The president in office seems to be self-affirming that he is nothing more than a professional politician. “Emmanuel will be writing sooner or later – his mother says – and I think he’s going to change direction. He’s not the kind of person to hold political conferences around the world. AD) I think so.

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