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Macron acknowledges responsibility for France in Rwanda – world genocide

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“I am here to acknowledge our responsibility for the 1994 genocide in Rwanda,” French President Emmanuel Macron said in a speech at the Genocide Memorial in Kigali. In a 20-minute speech at the Kigali Memorial, Macron said France was “not a party to this,” but “a long silence in examining the truth.”

Macron’s trip to Rwanda is the final step in normalizing relations with France, after more than 25 years of tension over Paris’ role in the tragedy. “This path of recognition, through our debts, through gifts, gives us hope to leave this night and walk together again. On this path – the subsequent macron – only those who have passed the night can be forgiven.”

At the Kigali Memorial, the remains of more than 250,000 of the approximately 800,000 victims of the genocide, mainly Tutsi, are buried. Previously, Macron visited the Museum of Memory with pedagogical symbols, videos, and testimonies, as well as exhibiting skulls, bones, and crushed clothing, and placed wreaths.

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