Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland: Synonymous with the rich when small

Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland: Synonymous with the rich when small
But what is the reason for this gigantic wealth which is certainly not proportional to the number of inhabitants and the geographical extent of the territories of these states?

On the one hand, as can be seen from the analysis of TrueNumbers, this wealth is due to the great influence exerted on this jurisdiction. Economic sector; The sector that drives the global economy. Luxembourg, Switzerland and Ireland, in fact, have, over time, restructured their economies, transforming from industrialized countries (especially Luxembourg and Ireland) into scattered mines and steel mills into headquarters-hosted financial service centers. Major multinational companies in the world.

However, it is clear that even the oil-rich countries in the Persian Gulf are viable for the gain of their wealth, which has allowed these states to overtake them. Fiscal policy adopted. These countries are considered by public opinion and some international organizations as real tax havens to encourage companies to change their profits and implement a tax competition strategy. CD promotes. Run to the phenomenon below.

Their monetary policy and their strategic geographical location, which aims to ensure a limited tax on the income of companies and individuals, have invited these neighboring states to holding companies and multinationals with other leading economies around the world (UK and Germany, for example). High asset individuals (HNWI) to create their headquarters or center of vital interests within this jurisdiction, including shell companies.

Luxembourg, in particular, is surprisingly, in spite of the fact that it has a population not exceeding the population of a medium-sized large Italian city, which has disproportionate wealth.

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Located in the heart of Europe, at the crossroads between France, Germany and Belgium, the Grand Duchy is considered a European safe investment box for many companies and businesses: Luxembourg has the largest investment in the world, with assets of over ട്ര 4.5 trillion. .

And theItaly, What is the position of the richest states in the world?
Italy per capita GDP $ 31,604 It ranks 27th.

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