Luke Holts / “A big unification” after the 1-0 win over Ireland

Luke Holts / "A big unification" after the 1-0 win over Ireland

After the 1-0 victory in Dublin on Saturday evening, there was great joy at the Luxembourg camp. National coach Luke Holts spoke of a great achievement but was not surprised by his team’s performance.

After a strong 90 minutes, the “Red Lions” were in each other’s arms. There is a lot of harmony within the team. The joy in the changing room is great, ”Holtz said, adding that it was a great achievement for his team.

However, the success of the Luxembourgs cannot be overstated. “For people who are not interested in content, this success may be extraordinary. For people who know us, this success is probably not surprising, ”Holts said.

The 51-year-old celebrated his first away victory in a World Cup qualifier at the 99th International as a national coach. “I would have been satisfied with a draw, but I would not have been extraordinarily satisfied. In the end, it was a success, it’s remarkable. “

Holts held a post-match press conference as an opportunity to highlight the importance of two outstanding performers, Maxim Chanotte and Anderson Rodriguez: “Gerson answered many critics with his aim. It was the tower of maximum warfare, and once again the class showed ”.

The national coach is also happy that he has not had to repeat himself after the game in Dublin: “In recent years, after a stellar performance against strong opponents, I have always had to say that the boys played well. They played well today and finally won. ”


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