Lovelace reports up to 550 watts TDP

Lovelace reports up to 550 watts TDP

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According to the latest rumors, the upcoming GeForce generation Lovelace from Nvidia will have a TDP of up to 550 watts, but will be faster than the arrows.

At Shruti Mill, it is now rumored that the next generation of Nvidia will be able to land 550 watts TDP. This is a decent value and, as always, with such reports, they should not be taken too seriously as long as there are no specific indications. However, it comes from Twitter users GREMON 55 In the end he always proved to be well-informed. In his opinion, this only applies to the 550 watt top model, i.e. Titanium (near) the full expansion of the GeForce RTX 4090 or Loveless chip. Graymon 55 describes the TDP estimate as “conservative.”

Due to ignorance, he did not want to comment specifically on RDNA3, but since both chips in the TSMC are assumed to be produced at 5 nm, AM; D is also expected to move in this region. Process. If you are interested, you can get a more detailed assessment of the situation 3D center Look. Leonidas accurately states that the jump from Samsung at 8 nm or TSMC at 7 nm to TSMC at 5 nm is not so intense; Especially if you are more interested in performance. But one can only guess at what both providers can and cannot do architecturally.

GeForce Rumors: RTX 40 from October 2022 and RTX 30 Super in January 2022

After all, power consumption should get something better. Again, of course, this is just a rumor, but they said one thing Doubling performance It is possible that the RTX 4090 was the predecessor. According to rumors, the Geforce RTX 40 will arrive in October 2022. The GeForce RTX40, codenamed Lovelace, does not rely on the Nvidia MCM (multi-chip module) and the monolithic approach continues. However, in October, not only Nvidia but also the “next genre” should be available, so AMD with RDNA 3 will probably be Intel for its second arc generation. The rumors agree with what has already been announced elsewhere. It was said that Lovelace will be visible until the end of 2022 and production of the series will start from the summer of 2022.

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