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Der Eurojackpot in Höhe von rund 33 Millionen Euro ging diesmal nach Niedersachsen. Foto: Monika Skolimowska/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa Foto: dpa

A French woman can only smile more than 33 million tiredly – the record jackpot of the 220 220 million lottery lottery in France has been shattered. A spokesman for the German press agency La Frances des Geux said the lucky winner now has 60 days to register. The number of winners for the millions jackpot was drawn on Friday evening. By far, the biggest win from the lottery in France was 200 200 million.

Has been playing EuroMillions since 2004. Players from France, Spain, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland and Austria take part in cross-border lotteries. The record jackpot of 210 million euros went to Switzerland in February.

In addition to the big winner, seven other people in Euros can wait for a cash prize from the EuroMillion lottery. You typed six of the seven numbers correctly and got over four million euros.

The EuroMillion lottery was launched in France, Spain and the UK. Other countries were later added. Most of the jackpots in the United Kingdom have been broken so far – but only by a slight margin between the two co-founders, France and Spain.

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