Lots of wind and cold weather

Lots of wind and cold weather

After this small cloudy transition that affected only half of the region, the climate that has been worrying us for a long time, i.e. sun, wind, and moderately cold temperatures, is usually the average of the season. Of course, when the first anticyclone disintegrates, new high pressure is assumed. The anticyclinic core will be positioned above Ireland tomorrow. This would lead France to the flow from the north. This flow occurs at 850 hPa (1500 m) with cold air at altitudes of -8 to -9 ° C. There is nothing unusual about the season, especially since the wind makes this cool air, which prevents it from really settling in the lower layers, at least initially.

Therefore, the rest of the week should generally be sunny. However, lower clouds are possible inside Audi or north of Loser. We are indebted to these sunny conditions for the strong winds that surely intensify between the expected intensity between Thursday evening and Friday morning.

Map: Weathersky

The map above samples the wind values ​​expected Friday afternoon. We can clearly see the typical wind corridors with Tramontana that can reach speeds of 80 to 90 km / h. Between the two, winds in the Herald will be more moderate, especially in the eastern part with winds of 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. This wind will clear the sky, but it will also have consequences for the temperature.

By letting the air in, it prevents snow from forming even on clear nights. However, some small and highly localized frosts may be observed in wind-protected areas (especially in the Eastern Herald). As another consequence, this wind will limit the maximum elevation and provide a very fresh experience for the next few days.

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Maps: Weathersky

Note, the maps above do not show the forecast temperature, but the wind is cold, in other words, the feeling of the wind. Thus, on the map on the left, we can clearly see the morning cold or chilly experience despite the positive temperature, the feeling being negative. In the chart on the right, the afternoon high winds will continue to be below 0. Only the Herald, far away from the wind, is getting colder.

Again, there is nothing unusual about the season. These are typical winter climates in our region with high pressures that ensure sunny but windy weather in conjunction with the escalating recessions in Eastern Europe. The high rates above Ireland may gradually shift over our country between Sunday and Monday. Then the wind will calm down and the cold may spread widely next week (note the condition). In the long run, it’s an anticyclone (or a patter for those closest to you) as far as the eye can see. The situation seems to be resolved.

Map: Tropicaltidbits

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