Lorenzo Angeli, From Torre Teste Test to Prato: The Climb Is Not Over Yet

Lorenzo Angeli, From Torre Teste Test to Prato: The Climb Is Not Over Yet

From Torre tray test Al LawnPassing Frosinone (3 years) Before getting Serie D with the shirt Monterocy (Historic promotion at Lego Pro for Viterbo people) Only 20 years old. ‘S career Lorenzo Angels, Defender, born in Rome in 2000, already has a marked path. “This is not the first time I’m giving up my love for football – former Rossoblo says – I’m young, but I’ve already played for Frosinone’s rank for three years, and with them I have played in two primaries’ championships.

Angeli took advantage of the advice she received in the yellow and blue jersey that day, was noted for her remarkable qualities, and allowed herself the luxury of living her first successful year at a Serie D club. “I think it’s very rare to win a championship with greats on the first try. The experience in Monterossi allowed me to become more aware of the means at my disposal: it allows me to experience with a certain ease the adventure of a club that is very proud of the national football scene like Prato.

The team led by Giancarlo Favarin is recovering in Group D of the prestigious National Amateur Championship. Angeli is one of the youngest players in the White & Blue Group, but despite her role, she is still able to mark the scorers in the match report. “I’ve scored 3 goals in the last 9 races. To describe myself, I can say that I have good physical strength that allows me to hit my head well. I mainly like to build ball action on the ground with clean geometry. I do not hate contact at all. Physically in competitions.”

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Tuscan One: A group that Lorenzo likes a lot. “We are a very close squad inside and outside the pitch. Attendance with teammates is regular: we often have lunch and dinner mostly together. Then in Prato you live divinely: the city center is charming and at the same time relaxing and beautiful. Of course, Florence, just 10 minutes away by car, is a destination I’m constantly going to: not to mention it’s a wonderful city after all, because it’s unique in the presence of remarkable, almost endless, renaissance activities.

Lorenzo and Prato from Tuscany also love people. “Yeah, because Tuscan is basically like us Romans: he’s joking and laughing: he’s always ready for a joke.”

There is nostalgia but .. “Friendships are few, but the standard of living here is so high that I can spend most of my days in unity and peace with myself.”

An important factor: Angeli aims at the maximum possible personal performance at the Blue & White Club: The goal of football is to become a professional and make a living with football. “That’s what I want with great motivation. I’m only 22 years old, I want to improve a lot, but I’m satisfied and I have good feelings about the future: Maintaining the highest concentration at this stage of my career is fundamental. As a person who is not satisfied, I always expect a lot from myself.

Roman so .. “Football I believe in, not just in my city, but in Europe and around the world, like Daniel de Rossi, is an iconic figure in the head, perhaps a football player with the potential to be imitated: he’s my football model, but I want another name: Sergio Ramos: in the right proportions, in character. I see myself in the champion “.

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Quotes from Lorenzo’s pure sports warfare, a “warrior” who likes to enjoy “peaceful” feelings in his personal life. “I do simple things. Training on the field and in the gym, consulting on school lessons: I study economics at university.

Irish writer and playwright George Bernard Shaw said: ‘Life is not self-discovery, life is self-creation’. A sentence that seems perfectly appropriate for this very young player, but is already very good on the way to successful goals.

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