Loose women are angered by Chris Teegan’s reference to losing a baby

Loose women are angered by Chris Teegan's reference to losing a baby

Loose women today expressed outrage at the comments of some panelists related to the loss of Chrissy Teejan’s baby.

Chrissy shared a heartbreaking post today describing her pain over the death of her newborn son.

The 34-year-old model shared a series of photos of herself and her 41-year-old husband John Legend and their baby boy.

Discussing the heartbreaking news, the panel gave their thoughts on the photos shared by Chrissy.

After reading host Christine Lampard Chrissy’s message of “deep pain”, Nadia Savalha labeled it a “heart attack” and opened up about her own experience of miscarriage.

The Loose Women panel discussed the heartbreaking news of Chrissy Tegan

Co-star Carol McGiffin admitted that it was very sad and tragic, but said she was upset to see the pictures.

“I have to say I felt a little uncomfortable looking at them because I felt infiltrated in some way,” she said. “I know she left them there, and I know she has a lot of followers and admirers who care deeply about what happened in her pregnancy until yesterday, but I felt this was not something I should witness.

Chrissy and John shared their heartbreaking news with fans on social media

Carol McGiffin said the photos made her uncomfortable

“I’m not dividing her, I’m not saying it’s wrong for her to do that, but I do not know, I think it’s such a private thing.

“I do not know where we are going with all this.”

Jane Moore asked: “Do you think this is the time? Because shortly after it happened, I think it’s the most ‘oh’ thing to me.

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“I look, I think – she’s going through the most painful experience, I’m wondering, is it at the right level of the moment to make the decision to take it out?”

Viewers were insulted by the panelists’ comments and made irrational

Chrissy took to social media on Wednesday evening

She added: “Then, I think we’re all different. Should I stop it there? No.”

However, their comments were seen as discriminatory to the viewers and they objected to the comments.

Fans took to Twitter to comment, with a fuming: “R. # Loose Woman Are you seriously criticizing a family after losing a baby? The last time I saw this program. “

Another commented: “Beat the poor Chrissy Teazen who had an abortion, sister too much, bloody old harpies. #LooseWomen. “

Third wrote: “Women should keep their pregnancy loss private” Why? So they have no support, care and love, so they feel ashamed? Hate #LooseWomen. “

ose Loose Woman Wanted a good lunch, but was perfectly angry. How to divide Chrissy as she goes through the worst time of her life and how she shares her own stories. #Crystigen#LooseWomen, “Another was outraged.

Someone wrote: “Never judge anyone for posting what they want to post. We all grieve in different ways. #LooseWomen. “

Another said: “Jesus, this show is horrible, let them grieve. Do not judge them for how #loosewoman grieves.”

* Loose Women airs on working days at 12.30pm on ITV

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