Loose. Stade tlucein: Taste of Ireland

Loose.  Stade tlucein: Taste of Ireland

Rain, wind and a bunch of pain ആറു Six days before the start of the European Cup in Ulster, Stade Toulouse will find conditions to approach those facing Belfast on the Basque coast. Next Friday. This season, only La Rochelle has been able to tame the rowing in Jean-Dogger, Clermont, Montpellier and Toulon. When we kiss each other before matches despite health threats, like the Stadists, in a similar situation a few months ago, to their final match in another era. That was in February. What prompted the “red and black” to talk about them back then was the hungry bionyses (20-10) in their absence.

“Guys who want to destroy the stadium”

Starting this season for the first time, Paulo Taffili sets the stage for an evening that should not be too different under adverse circumstances: “We look forward to seeing the boys who want to break up the Slotted Tolstoy, they are resting the executives against racing, they are going to put a big team ahead of us and we have a big fight ahead of us. “The right pillar is right, as two-thirds of the opening XV presented at the Paris La Defense Arena last Sunday (17-43) has been renewed.

“Beyonce has a very solid base in the game, Jean Boulou analyzes. In addition to their personalities, they are very efficient at stages of success, areas of confrontation, balloons that can dig holes and build us. Make mistakes.

Encouraging Toulouse to adjust things while avoiding thinking too much about a continental competition will not allow for a new format error. “In terms of content, it’s clear that we’re trying to move the cursor upwards to handle next week’s best, but we’re not really thinking about it, and the Hot-Goronis forward coach continues. We have these misconceptions. at home.

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“Confidence in our game”

Recorded performance in the masked new world that is still not true about duplicates. If Bailey, Marchand, DuPont, Ramos and Tamak return, this time we will have to do without Aldegeri, Tolofuwa, Mawaka, Forehead and Label. However, the injured executives were still cut off (the cast eventually returned, but the twins Arnold, Kino or Ahki were nowhere to be seen), and the stadium seemed to be more prepared to respond to the challenge offered by the very mobile team. Deployed to continue the exit at Pow (22-16) and then face Agent (63-18). “We had a bit of a delicate period, but we set the record straight and regained confidence in our game. It’s good to see the players have fun and perform well,” Boulho said. This is now consistent.

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