Loose. Franയിois Cross: “Sensations are good, but reveals only terrain”

Loose.  Franയിois Cross: "Sensations are good, but reveals only terrain"

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The victim of the fracture of the second metatarsal of the right leg against Ireland at the end of the tournament on October 31, will return to the field tomorrow before joining the third column (age 26; 8 cell) Blues.

How did you experience this period off the field?

It’s longer, a little longer than expected. I expected a slight delay, but it took me a while for the fracture to heal on its own and the bone fracture to really heal. We were careful and it was great because it allowed me to resume without pain.

Will be calling with the Blues soon for the tournament preparation course.

This is obviously good news. I was a little surprised, well (he recovered), and I am so happy and proud to have had this opportunity after such a long absence, so I am very happy. This weekend match comes at the right time to recover my emotions and regain my rhythm on the pitch.

It says a lot about your credit to the Blues staff.

Obviously, it’s fun, and I thank him for that. After that, it prompts me to recover my level faster. I can’t wait to play again. The sensations are excellent in training but only reveal the terrain. It’s been a while since I started training again, so I don’t start from the beginning of this week. I could have applied for the Stade Franchise contest (January 10, editor’s note), but once again we wanted to be careful, so I was really 100%.

As a podiatrist like you, is it easy to understand your injury?

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(Laughs) Yeah, no because this is a fracture. As a podiatrist we have no direct connection to fractures. After that, once the supports are found, we can see if they have been modified and if a device is needed. We are always the ones who understand the injury, but knowing the anatomy of the foot helps to target and assess the various areas that are painful or at risk for stress. But I will not say that being a podiatrist saved me time.

How are you doing in Red Lantern?

I’m impatient. We know the context, it can be a trick game. We must respect this team and not go without flowers. We expect a game with a high level of combat.

Does the idea of ​​being the first team to lose against AUS still exist?

We know they will hang until the end. You talk about a team, but they get more than one. Of course, we do not want that to happen. But instead of focusing on agencies, we need to connect performances. We have six games unbeaten and we want this series to continue and it is ours.

Agent is going through a difficult season. When you are an adversary, do you have sympathy?

Of course, it should not be easy for them to manage. After that, every club has its problems. You can show sympathy during the week, but when the weekend comes, you need to win a game. Unfortunately, there will be a winner and a loser – or not – and we are all going to happen.

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