Looking for passive income? Try Coinmerce Earn!

Op zoek naar passief inkomen? Probeer Coinmerce Earn!

You hear this more and more in recent years; Passive income. A way to make money ‘doing nothing’. In many cases it sounds too good to be true, but fortunately this is not always the case. Dutch crypto exchange Coinmerce knows that too, which is why they introduced Coinmerce Earn.

Coinmerce Earn allows you to earn up to 15% bonus on your cryptocurrencies. You just have to make it available to institutional investors. Are you curious about how it works? Then read on!

What is Coinmerce Earn?

Coinmerce Earn is a way to passively generate income from your cryptocurrencies. With the push of a button, institutional investors can start investing with your crypto. For this you will be rewarded in the cryptocurrency you activated Earn. Remuneration can be up to 15%. In stablecoins it is 6%.

Coinmerce currently offers 30 coins that you can use to earn. Users can start from €10. There are no additional costs involved and you can make additional deposits and stop at any time. The bonus is paid weekly and Coinmerce uses the highest percentage in the Netherlands. So Coinmerce Earn is the way to make your cryptocurrencies work for you.

Highest percentage and biggest offer

Coinmerce is not the only one in the Netherlands that offers opportunities to generate passive income from crypto. However, they have the largest selection and offer the highest percentage. Meanwhile, the fast-growing crypto exchange has more than 200 coins that users can buy, sell, or hold. At the time of writing, 30 of these can be activated for Earn. You will find the offer with associated rewards Here.

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Additionally, Coinmerce users can also choose to earn money through Strike Action. Coinmerce offers 12 coins for this and there will be more in the future. This results in a maximum reward of 10%.

Want to use Coinmerce Earn too? Then create an account Go to the website and discover the possibilities!

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