Look beyond the local

Look beyond the local

Photodoc shows the photo exhibition “Beyond Borders” with eight photographers until December 29, 2021 at the Cornshot in Lucerne.

They all went to the big wider world and came back with exciting and sensitive images. Photo Documentation The Canton Lucerne Foundation (Fotodok) now exhibits its work on Kornschütte.

Alexandra Wei, Al-Noor wal Amal – An Egyptian Orchestra

Alexandra Wei, a press photographer from Sug, visited Cairo in 2015 and visited the Al-Noor Wal Amal Foundation, a campaign that has been campaigning since 1954 to ensure the education of visually impaired girls. The Music Institute is located in the district of Heliopolis, where it provides music training to students from the age of eight. The films show visually impaired musicians in rehearsals.

Romanian. Franka Pedrosetti

Franca Pedrosetti from Lucerne also works as a press photographer for various newspapers and magazines. Her work focuses on documentaries such as the change of places, the daily lives of people and their life stories. She went to Bucharest in search of the elderly who would have to live on the streets. There are 5,000 homeless people in Bucharest.

Pakistan. Martin Bisig

Martin Bisig has made his mark as a bike photographer. He photographs with professionals such as Nino Shutter and clients such as Red Bull and Adidas. His own narrative imagery is a visual drama, and the effort for it is enormous. The focus is on man. The works featured in the exhibition were created in Pakistan, Tibet, Iran and Israel.

Italian. Matteo Garriglio

Matteo Garriglio is a Swiss documentary filmmaker and photographer. He is currently working on various film and photography projects dealing with ancestral landmarks. That’s why I went to my grandfather’s country, Italy. In his photographic work, he addressed the question of what we carry from our ancestors.

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Daniel Infanger is a photographer, cameraman and director. He grew up in Engelberg. His path, shaped and influenced by Engelberg filmmaking, eventually led to photography. He has participated in several group exhibitions and has won various prizes for the most beautiful Swiss books. He traveled by Provence in a VW bus after the wildfire.

Melchior Imboden from Stance NW was a decorator and handled design, typography, photography and art. He later taught photography and graphic design and worked in design offices in Milan, Basel and Zurich. As a photographer, he traveled to cities in the Mediterranean, South America, Costa Rica, and north of Mexico, especially Berlin and Paris. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Christian Intergand & Max Ehrengruber, Wanderers

Christian Intergand and Max Ehrengruber have been collaborating since 2015. They mainly deal with the visual phenomena of the public and institutionalized space. Fernweh’s work contains a total of 26 different postcards, the following of which are derived from the statistics of “overnight stays of foreign guests by country of origin” kept by Lucerne Canton.

Award-winning Colombian photographer Juanita Escobar has been invited to come up with a new idea for a photo exhibition. In early December 2021 she traveled to Switzerland and intensely photographed our area.

Also on display are the works of Lucerne photographer Max A. Wise (1908-1977). The Photo Documentation Foundation protects the copyright of Max A Wise’s estate. Here are some pictures taken during a trip to Tanzania and Ireland in 1931.

Cover photo: Franka Pedrosetti. Homeless in Bucharest

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