London should make its position clear on Tuesday

London should make its position clear on Tuesday

London wants to re-negotiate in depth the Northern Irish protocol that ended with the European Union, due to trade barriers between the province and other parts of the United Kingdom.

The British government will announce its intentions on Tuesday, May 17, in relation to Northern Ireland, despite tensions with the European Union over post-Brexit restrictions that have created a crisis in the province. Due to the political stalemate in Northern Ireland and the disruption of trade between the province and other parts of the United Kingdom, London would like to re-negotiate in depth the Northern Irish Protocol with the European Union, only that it is ready for adjustments.

The British government, which has threatened to take unilateral action to overturn the agreement, must expose it “Reason” On Tuesday, according to Downing Street, through the voice of its diplomatic chief, List Truss. According to British newspapers, this is the form of a bill that would allow the government to unilaterally suspend parts of the Northern Irish Protocol with its Article 16. Not only in London but also in Northern Ireland.

For the EU, knowingly withdrawing from this agreement would be tantamount to violating international law and exposing the United Kingdom to severe trade retaliation. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the government does not want him to “To delete” The protocol is “To fix”. He clarified “Wants” That the tensions are resolved “With the consent of our friends and partners” He added that the European Union, but the UK also needs it “Insurance” Of one “Simultaneous Legislation”. The Conservative leader was speaking during a visit to Northern Ireland on Monday, where he sought to persuade various political formations for a compromise. “Back to work”.

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Acts “

Eleven days after the historic victory of the Republican of Sinn Fin in the local elections, the Northern Irish institutions are in a state of stagnation. The unionists in the DUP refused to participate in the local executive, which was supposed to be shared under the 1998 peace agreement, ending three decades of bloody conflict known as “problems”. They blocked the local assembly by refusing to nominate a new candidate.

The Unionists, who are strangely affiliated with the Union of Great Britain, intend to protest against the Northern Irish Protocol, a post-Brexit agreement signed by London and Brussels to answer the delicate question of borders between the British Northern Ireland and the European Republic of Ireland. This text creates a real customs border with Great Britain and, in their opinion, threatens the territory of the province within the United Kingdom.

At the heart of the political stance is the demand by Jeffrey Donaldson, leader of the Unionist DUP party. “Activities” Of the British Government to address issues affecting the Northern Irish economy and relations with Great Britain. “I want the government to see legislation that gives us the solution we need.”, Jeffrey Donaldson said Monday. Sinn Fin Republicans are strongly opposed to a bill that would suspend parts of the protocol. “We told him directly that the unilateral bill in Westminster was wrong.”Sinn Fin President Mary Lou MacDonald said after a meeting on Monday“Absolutely difficult” With Boris Johnson.

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In the wake of the financial scandal, companies in Northern Ireland have suffered a three-year paralysis before the agreement could allow them to resume operations in January 2020. They are concerned about the consequences of the unilateral British decision. Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin said Monday after a phone call with European Council President Charles Michel. “Significant discussions between the EU and the UK agree that protocol is the only way forward.”. “Any unilateral action is harmful and cannot be helped” He tweeted.

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