London faces Christmas lockdown TOMORROW as new super-epidemic Covid Mutant spreads | UK | News

London faces Christmas lockdown TOMORROW as new super-epidemic Covid Mutant spreads |  UK |  News

The new “mutant” strain of the virus, which originated in Kent, caused a rapid surge in hospitals in the capital.

The Sun reported that Boris Johnson could announce his new travel advice at a press conference on Saturday.

A source who spoke to the paper said: “This is a live and fluid state, but it doesn’t look good. We need to act fast.”

Another suggested that it could be 50 percent more contagious than the standard corona virus.

Some areas in the southeast will face significant changes in the corona virus doctrine, which will affect festival travel for those living in the capital.

A government source told The Sun that the mutation is much easier to transmit than the actual pressure of the pathogen.

The source said: “We do not yet know whether the new difficulty is more or less likely to harm you, but what we have learned is that it can be passed from person to person very easily, which is what we are really worried about.

Nick Lohman, a professor at the Institute of Microbiology and Infection at the University of Birmingham, said there may be new difficulties in the UK but it is not certain it will happen.

He said: “There are actually 17 changes that will affect the protein structure in some way, which sets this variant apart from the common ancestors of the other variants in its circulation, which is a lot.

“It simply came to our notice then.

The news comes after Johnson refused to turn down another lockdown across England after the festival.

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The Prime Minister asked the British to adhere to the controls of the corona virus at Christmas.

He told BBC News: “What we are saying this Christmas is, think about the three house rules that you can relate to five houses, five days, that is not a goal.

“I think people really get it. It’s time for us to take care of our seniors and think that people really understand all the evidence I see.”

School Minister Nick Gibb said the tire system in England was very effective.

However, when asked about the possibility of a national lockdown after Christmas, he admitted that “we do not rule out anything.”

The President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Catherine Henderson warned hospitals of a “perfect storm.”

She said: “I think we need to do something to control the situation so that people can be vaccinated and move on.”

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