London abstained from early elections this year

London abstained from early elections this year

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The nightmare has continued in Northern Ireland since the British government announced it would not hold an early election this year. As a reminder, voters went to the polls on May 5 and Republican Sinn Féin then became the most important party, but the union DUP refuses to cooperate, but the executive cannot function without them, and this is the peace agreements. So.

With our correspondent in the region, Laura Tauchanov

This is another step in this political soap opera. With no government in place for six months, the British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland had to call a new election. Even the date of December 15 was tossed around, but eventually, Chris Heaton Harris turned around and said no, there wouldn’t be a new vote before Christmas.

However, if there is no functioning government after six months, it is bound to form. Chris Heaton Harris says he has 12 weeks to do so, but before then he wants to create a positive environment.

No timely cooperation

Needless to say, both major parties do not want this return to the polls. They are of the opinion that if it has to come like this, it is the fault of the British government. He could have extended the deadline by six months, but did not. They fear this will deepen the divide between mainly Protestant unionists and mainly Catholic republicans. But they failed to cooperate in time. A new election should be announced in the coming days.

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