Logitech Launches Gender Neutral Gamer Peripherals

Gendersemleges gamer perifériákat dobott piacra a Logitech kép

A manufacturer popular among gamers has unveiled some brilliantly colorful hardware.

Swiss-American Logitech, which has been developing hardware specifically for the gamer target group for a long time, has released a new collection featuring new and more colorful versions of already well-known models. Based on the company’s marketing communication, the goal of the Logitech Aurora set is gender inclusive, that is, the company tried to get closer to the target group with stylish tools available to everyone.

The Aurora collection includes the G735 wireless headset, which, in addition to its clean white design, is complemented by RGB LED lighting. The headphones are newly designed to be comfortable even for those who wear glasses or earrings. The G735 lasts about 16 hours on a single charge when the lighting is on, but can last up to 56 hours without it.

A G715 or G713 model can be selected as the keyboard for the set. The keyboards also had room for media function keys, the design matched that of the headphones, and of course RGB was not abandoned. When purchasing, you can choose from three different mechanical GX switch sets. Wireless G715 It has a Lightspeed 2.4GHz connector and lasts around 25 hours on a single charge.

The third part of the collection is the wireless G705 mouse, which is originally designed for users with small hands. The G705 has a sensitivity of 8200 DPI and can last up to 40 hours after a full charge, even with LED lighting.

The entire Logitech Aurora collection with no accessories and a cheap G713 keyboard can cost $500 (approx. HUF 197,000), while the G715, including a mouse pad, special box for headphones and keyboard accessories, can cost more than $650 (approx. HUF 256,).

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