Logic and people in PAOK “forced” the transfer of cargo

Logic and people in PAOK "forced" the transfer of cargo

Fortunately – a big slip was avoided. One of the top stoppers of the championship (Greek, … PAOK fans) will significantly strengthen the Dicaphalos defense this year.

I do not know what “or” was mediated by, so at the last minute those in charge turned their attention to a transfer case and shouted in frustration: “Get out of here, I’re here to solve your problem, to help you better set up the new PAOK. Because this can be considered a shortcoming – but I’m one of the two best stoppers in the league, because I have been rated neutral by judges, and finally, I do not know how much this counts, I’m a PAOK player from my genre.

We heard this voice, bent over the subject, raised it too high in communication, and asked to be approached immediately with this transcript. We highlighted it with the big question mark related to general aphasia mentioned by PAOK (food, innocent, but also lazy) representatives, not only did they not deal with it, but despite the revelation that Luceā€Œku and Boto wanted him as a player, they pretended not to hear. They dropped the case because they did not want to deviate from the established cover-up and had been paid for the past three years. PAOK Very expensive.

But come on, everything came up and down, a lot happened during the record time (transfer closed) and they were bitter and hard, and as a result they were exposed. Snowberry is gone. Some tried to justify the turn of those in charge of the cargo, because he was clearly Greek (!), Without daring to say a word about the player’s abilities. For it was an ideal transfer case. Personally, I appreciate that the issue was raised by someone or someone with access and opinion in the penthouse. So the slip was avoided. I also appreciate the fact that when blindness was spread and analyzed, those who pushed it to the corner and into the unclaimed were curled up.

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Until yesterday, people outside could not explain the silence of the lambs. Football logic raises hands. Overall, PAOK fans portrayed their interventions as stormy, and they asked for explanations. Thus, the problem was ended and a very big mistake was avoided. However, at the same time, we think that there are still some pathogens in the “whole organism” and we hope that it will disappear soon. PAOK We do not hesitate to congratulate anyone and everyone for owning a great defensive player.

We are fighting for such transfers, while others are giving cover battles for the coat and half coat, which have been shipped to PAOK from time to time. We would definitely recommend some to look at the Greek girls abroad who are part of our national team today and wonder how many of them can wear the PAOK jersey today. After all, Cargas was ready to follow Saliakas, Pavolidis, Hatsidiakos, Dauvicas, Mavpanos, Solis, Bacasetas, Gianolis, and Siopis. Do not forget that the player Pavolidis comes from the academies of Panajiotis Kermanidis. From here, that is, more clearly from Thessaloniki through Thumba.

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