Lockwire. A film in the footsteps of St. Gyrek

Michael Priscilla and Bernard Male during the shooting of Connaissance du Monte in Lockwire.

Director Ludovic Tak followed in Gyrek’s footsteps for a documentary. Knowledge of the world .

At St. Jack’s Church in Le Lockwire, Bernard Moulek, Volunteer Guide, and more Michael Presiak, Historian, has been noted.

Behind the camera, Christoph Cordier Freebox TV Channel 221 is filming a few documentaries for conferences with director Ludovic Tak, who filmed the famous “Connaissance du Monte”.

“I chose to explore the religious fusion and early Christianity in Brittany, which nurtures and follows in the footsteps of Saints Flam, Gyrek, Ronan and Paul ൾ Relian,” explains the resident director. Quintin.

A holy maker

To understand how the legend of the saints was constructed, the director began filming at Plumanac, near Peros-Gyrak, where he landed sixthe Century, St. Girek. “Then he lived on the peninsula with a dozen monks (editor’s note: from Lockwire), a place where there was nothing, they built huts and lived a little, says Michael Presiak. Guerrero was a builder, and he founded the monastery of Lan Guerrero, which would become Lockwirek in the fifteenth century.e Century, before joining the Paul é Relian in Lyon. He died in Landernio in 547. “

According to the historian, these saints brought good, “people believed in them.” The Welsh and Irish saints were all healers, healers, and dowsers according to the Ludovic tax.

At St. Paul and Locronon

The subject is complex but must fit in the 70 of format Also, the team only had ten days to shoot, and it will continue St. Paul And Locronon, Ronan came from Ireland to Christianize this corner of Finasteride.

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“But this summer we will change, illustrative map”, rituals rooted in the Druidic, Celtic, and Christian traditions.

The film is set to release by the end of the year.

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