Locatelli with Veratti, Berardi instead of cheese-courier

Locatelli with Veratti, Berardi instead of cheese-courier

Italy (4-3-3): Donnerumma; Florence, Bonucci, Chiellini, Emerson Palmyra; Barella, Locatelli, Veratti; Beradi, Immobile, Insign. Cattle Mansini.
Northern Ireland (3-5-2): Peacock-Farrell; Evans, Ballard, Cathcart; Kennedy, McNair, McCann, Dallas, Smith; Boys, Magnes. Everything. Barracklow
Referee: Ali Palabik (Turkey)
TV: 8.45pm, Rayuno.

Nations League, last four in a year in Milan and Turin: Assuri against Spain, France and Belgium. How the finals work
Elite de Europe

That’s right The National Road did a lot with Manzio, Collect records, rediscover the game, regain people’s love. But the real ransom begins tonight. Since a World Cup is always a World Cup, Captain Chielini predicts. Giorgio was there when the blue of Italy turned black, like the other ten members of this new group, including De Rossi, who is now on Mancini’s staff, on the other side of the fence. I.S. Seven of the survivors will be on the pitch in Tardini: Donorumma and Florence, Bonusi, Verratti, Immobile, Insignia and Chielini Assure: That memory still hurts and burns us out. I have not forgotten who was there and who saw everything on TV. A kind of path of atonement begins tonight in an attempt to recover the shame. The captain’s challenge is to win in Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

2022 World Cup draw: Italy’s opponents. Everything about Switzerland, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania

The same thought that animates Mancini, is a little worrying, because reconnecting the plug after a long break is never easy. Northern Ireland is the strongest of the three we face. Physically solid and fast in counterattack. He does not play like most Anglo-Saxon teams. In fact, even Grandchildren of George BestWith the new coach, Ian Barchlough, 50, a fan of Rock and Italy, as they handle three defeats and five defeats, Bulgaria and Lithuania should not scare us in the first eight matches. But why do they have bad memories? Our slip into World Cup history dates back to ’58, when the Irish left us at home. It’s ridiculous to talk about revenge more than half a century later, but the alarm bell should help lift the bar of attention. Serious team assures Chielini that he sent a loving message to former coach Csar Brandelli.

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Mancini Do not trust opponents e Make a good part of the starting team game. Locatelly will lead the midfield with the help of VerrattiDuring the attack Bellotti should give priority to immobile, Candidate of the shirt starting in Bulgaria. Surprise on the attack trident Berardi instead of Chisa. Doubt the name of the third midfielder, despite playing untouchable Barela at the end, he hugged his teammates on Wednesday. Or Lorenzo Pellegrini is ready. Chielini smiles: But the beauty of the new Italy is that we can change each other and be able to go beyond absence.

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