“Local help is great, but weirdos always come last.”

"Local help is great, but weirdos always come last."

The help from the region is huge, but the weavers always come last. That’s what the victims say anywayVervierez Mayor Muriel Targnian said during a hearing before a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the floods.

The parade of mayors ended there this Friday with the testimony of Muriel Torgnian returning to the south of France via Barcelona and Dൽsseldorf on holiday during the disaster.

I did not expect so much local help. At this point, I am optimistic about the resources available to rebuild our cities. But it’s especially the victims who complain about it, why is Vervierus always the last resort when we are already facing socio – economic difficulties?“, The mayor asked.

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All municipalities are helped in the same way: when Limbergo Trusino receives one million euros in aid, Verviers receives the same amount.“Despite the large number of residents – 55,000 – very large.”The same is true of the dehumidifiers we received after other disaster areas. For example, Limburg won 300; Us 120. That is what the weirdos do not understand“, She added.

The mayor – instead of Sophie Lambert, the mayor in office, until the end of the evening of July 15 – and then returned to these terrible days of July. “Experts from the Provincial Crisis Center had predicted that the city would not be flooded and that the red and orange areas of flood danger were only concerned about fifteen houses. On July 14th, we took precaution by closing some streets. But back then, the situation was not entirely dramatic; There was no flood except for a few streets and backyards. The provincial stage did not matter to us“, She explained.

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However, the situation dropped overnight, and on July 15, the city – despite the valley effect it had to protect – was submerged. “This is what caused the flooding that happened at the dam at night“, Muriel Targnian insisted.”We can never imagine this situation where the West has never overflowed like this the other day.“, She said again.

Eventually, more than 5,100 homes will be damaged. Today, half of those affected have never seen an expert who made insurance compulsory, Muriel Targnian pointed out. “More than 5,000 files have been opened in Verviers. I understand that this is complicated, but without an expert, there is no reimbursement, so no job“, She finally regretted.

Make things more readable so that everyone in the engagement network knows what to do

At the end of his hearing, Members of Parliament again heard from Sylvie Marik, Secretary General of the Public Service in Walonia and Special Commissioner for Reconstruction. She had auditioned in early September for a basic theoretical presentation around the role of the local crisis center. “I’m not comfortable talking to you right now about the recommendations. But there is an important message: we need to shape, because now it is very complicated“, She said.”Things need to be made more readable so that everyone in the interaction network can know what to do. That should not happen again. If that happens again, we will be able to provide a quick, structured and coordinated response that will not leave anyone stranded.Sylvie Marie concluded.

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