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Load lol drops again: Microsoft confirms another email crash affecting users

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You’re not the only one trying and failing to check your lot inbox this evening. The popular email service from Microsoft is currently expected to affect hundreds of users. The latest crash comes just days after users experienced similar issues.

Reports of crashes first appeared around 3pm, some messages not sent, others seem to have been sent but not delivered to the recipient

The DownDetector, an age-old monitor independent of Outlook fans, has registered more than 600 reports at a time, which is not working properly.

Most of the issues seem to be concentrated in the UK and Europe and do not seem to affect the US.

As you might expect, users have now migrated to Twitter.

Speaking to an outline on the social network, the user said: “There has been no email service since at least 1600. Google suggests that it has been down since 1350 this afternoon. To send important and urgent emails.

When someone added: “Is your server down for uttl? I can not send or receive emails.”

This is a serious issue because many people can not work with a word in last week’s outtage: “I’m sorry for anyone waiting for me an email today, but the point is not playing. If you need anything from me, leave me a text and call me immediately.”

Microsoft has confirmed that there are problems with its email service, but there is no word yet on when it will be fixed.

In a message on the status page, the US agency said, “Users can send email, but messages are not delivered to the recipient.” We have developed and successfully tested a solution to the problem. We are currently in the process of applying the solution to restore email delivery. “

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