Liz follows Truss Johnson: these are her biggest problems

Liz follows Truss Johnson: these are her biggest problems

Prime Minister

Liz follows Truss Johnson: these are her biggest problems

The new lady in Downing Street: Liz Truss.

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The new British Prime Minister also wants to push through Brexit. She relies on tax breaks. Or will an aid package arrive?

London. Six weeks one campaign Britain’s highest political office ended as many expected: elected with a majority of nearly 160,000 Conservative Party members. She will take over as the new Prime Minister this Tuesday. First she must travel to Balmoral, Scotland, the Queen’s country residence. There the head of state will give her the mandate to form the government.

Truss was a favorite from the start. In the past few weeks, the country has already begun to look ahead: How will Truss rule? Who will she appoint to the cabinet? How will she react to various crises? Great Britain Heading for a master’s?

From everything she’s indicated in the past few weeks, she will Truss administration It will be a continuation of the Johnson years – a former cabinet colleague bluntly remarked that he was “like Boris, but less ambitious”.

Six years ago they voted against Brexit

Regardless, Truss is a staunch Brexit supporter. She agreed Referendum Six years ago they were in favor of staying in the EU, but now they are convinced that leaving was the right decision. “We will use Brexit freedom to unleash investment,” she said at a campaign rally earlier last week. This means, for example, that unnecessary restrictions must be passed.

She also wants to continue Johnson’s fight against the EU. After all, it was Truss, as Foreign Secretary, who introduced controversial legislation that undermined parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol; According to experts, the bill violated international law and caused deep confusion in Brussels.

Challenge to Brussels: “The only thing the EU understands is power.”

But Truss says: “The only thing the EU understands is power.” She recently said she would consider suspending the entire protocol if she is elected prime minister. The agreement stipulates that there will be no customs restrictions between UK-owned Northern Ireland and EU-member Ireland after Brexit.

as well as Migration Policy Truss tried to stiffen. Boaters crossing the English Channel into Britain have long been a thorn in the Tory side. Accordingly, Truss tried to calm down: she would do everything to keep people from passing by. She wants to increase border protection, for example: “It’s the only way to stop smugglers and stop small boats,” she said.

Inflation in Great Britain is over ten percent

But in public debate in Great Britain, such questions are currently of secondary importance. Britons are bracing for dark clouds looming over the economic horizon: high inflation — already over 10 percent — and a dramatic rise in Energy prices October could trigger the deepest crisis in decades.

Even sober observers warn of social unrest if the state does not step in with a massive bailout package for families and businesses. Former Tory MP and journalist Paul Goodman recently said the new prime minister would soon “disappear in a financial avalanche”.

The Truss wants to cut social security contributions – to benefit high earners

What does she plan to do to weather this storm? Nationwide state of emergency Avert, Truss hasn’t revealed it yet. She only promised on Sunday: “I will be acting from day one” – without giving any details. But she has already made it clear that her economic policy will be driven by one goal above all else: tax cuts. They should stimulate the economy. This growth will help people cope with rising inflation.

However, economists warn that this is not enough. For example, according to one calculation, the Trust’s proposed cuts to social security contributions would cost top earners £1,800 a year – but £7 for those at the bottom of the income spectrum. Asked about the bill in a BBC interview and whether it was fair, Truss said, “Yes, it is fair.”

Or will there be an aid package – frozen energy prices?

However, one hears from informed sources in Westminster that the team around Truss is already toying with options to deliver an aid package directly to the British. Accordingly, freezing of energy bills is being considered.

Some are already worried The ToriesThe support provided by the Trust to UK businesses and households will not be enough. If she is forced to make a 180-degree turn in her first weeks as prime minister, it will be a major blow to her authority.

Also, many people are worried Party colleaguesInstead of trying to hold the party together by bringing representatives from different factions into key positions, Truss will fill his cabinet with loyal allies. One MP told Politico: “If they don’t put together a team that represents the whole party, things could fall apart.”

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