“Living Fossil” Koilakanth surprises again: Giant fish turns 100, gestation lasts 5 years

"Living Fossil" Koilakanth surprises again: Giant fish turns 100, gestation lasts 5 years

Previously, researchers calculated the age of a fish and calculated the size of the coyote with broad stripes. But French researchers have found that they have lost small lines that can only be seen with polarized light – the same technique used to determine the age of commercial fish species.

The co-author of the study, Bruno Ernande, a marine evolutionary ecologist at IFREMER, said that polarized light exposes five short lines to each main line. The researchers concluded that the short lines were more similar to a year in the life of a coyote, and that their study found that their oldest specimen was 84 years old.

Previous studies have suggested a maximum age of 20 years, which means that the fastest coyote to grow in all fish. This can be strange for deep-sea fish, as they usually have a slower metabolism and slower growth.

“After modifying the lifeline of the coyote to our new age, it appears to be one of the slowest farmers of all fish, or not slow, resembling deep-sea sharks and sea-bellied fish.” “The lifespan of a century is something.”

The Greenland shark, which has a lifespan of up to 400 years, is widely regarded as one of the longest-lived vertebrates on Earth. Sa-bellied fish – English rough or slimheads – are a family of small and unusual long-tailed deep-sea fish.

Like other deep-sea fish such as sharks and rats, colchicines mature slowly, but although they are not genetically related, they show large evolutionary differences, Ernand said. He added that they may have developed a similar lifestyle as they share similar habitats.

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