Lives in Italy, but works for a foreign company: How well the work promotes international relations

Lives in Italy, but works for a foreign company: How well the work promotes international relations

Working for a foreign company without crossing the Italian border? Not only is it possible today, but for many professionals it is an attractive prospect.

If the recent health crisis has radically changed the world of work, there is an urgent need to address such issues. Excellent performance To a large extent, at the same time they appeared themselves New opportunities During the Pandemic period, very little or nothing was explored, as was the possibility of working remotely for companies across the border.

From a recent survey Visor, Brand G Group Searching and selecting medium and senior management profiles, desire among Italian professionals and managers A relationship with international companies, but from Italy: To say that 93% Of respondents in a sample of more than 1500 people. The reasons are many and varied: gaining an international experience without leaving family, exploring new perspectives and methodologies, facing new challenges, helping the environment by reducing home-office trips, or reducing unemployment rates.

Lack of human contact? This is not scary, because “empathy has no boundaries”, the human element “can be planted behind a screen” – thoughts are probably the result of a year Maintaining social distance.

The survey results highlight the willingness of Italian workers to take full advantage of the potential Works remotely, Thus confirming the data of the 2020 visor research 60% Declared himself among the interviewers Ready to change jobs when you return to the office a full time. These data are in line with international trends: according to research McKinsey The 52% A A more flexible future for the job.

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So, on the one hand, if there is a strong tendency to work remotely for companies operating abroad, on the other hand there will be no shortage of people with the opposite experience, Work for Italy from another country. 42% of those surveyed Spain Represents the most popular half for a professional experience across the border, after all UK (31%) e France (11%). The remaining 16% are not limited to European destinations Portugal, Ireland O Germany, And looking beyond China, All ‘Indonesia Or ai United States. This selection suggests not only purely professional factors, but also cultural and lifestyle of the country in question, shared by an orientation 71% Among the interviewers, the main factor to consider in choosing a foreign country to continue to work for Italy-based companies is quality of life.

“Workplace dematerialization opens up new and exciting job opportunities for Italian professionals. The possibility of developing and maintaining work relationships abroad and abroad represents a source of enrichment not only from a professional point of view but also from a personal point of view – he comments Carlo Caporel, CEO of Viceroy Italia -. The technological advancement that allows managers to explore the possibilities of remote working has already been widespread in the financial, insurance, management, professional service and IT sectors, and today it is spreading to other sectors. In this global context, it is essential that the candidate be able to be considered an important hunter with an in-depth knowledge of the local markets so that they can lead his career path and identify unexpected opportunities ”.

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