Live Six Nations Rugby Tournament 2021

Live – Italy-Ireland 10-48: Six Nations Rugby Tournament 2021 (Live)

Italy-Ireland, Six Nations 2017 – Photo by Roberto Proto

The third day Six Nations Rugby. At the Olympic StadiumItaly ‘S warship will hostIreland In the hunt for important points after a complex start. Asuri coach Smith is a veteran of heavy knockouts France e England But today, within the friendly walls of Rome, they will seek a coup against the Irish electorate. Get started Ore 15:15 For a race that you can follow live on Sportface via live updated live text.

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80 ‘- It’s over! Ireland won the Olympics 48-10

80 ‘- Half Ireland and Earls in the final, 46-10

78 ‘- In the final stages of the competition with the latest changes, Ireland also now seems to have settled down

71 ‘- Silochi returns, leaving only one man in Italy

69 ‘- Another goal was canceled to “forward” for Ireland

67 ‘- Sexton transforms, 41-10

66 ‘- Half of Ireland! Connors scores again, and the pass is likely to be too heavy in this final

65 ‘- Captain Biggi also yellow, now double-digit dominance for Ireland

60 ‘- Another Irish explosion, Silochi turns yellow: 10 minutes of humiliation for Italy

56 ‘- Troar’s beautiful play punishing Italy

52 ‘- Italy is saved on defense, but the Assyrians try to attack aggressively

46 ‘- Triple change in Italy: Canon, Trർr and Silochi replace Lovotti, Riccioni and Lazaroni

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44 ‘- Modified Sexton, 34-10, Ireland bonus

43 ‘- Meta-iron, unstoppable in next matches today: Standard Scores, 32-10

41 ‘- Immediate punishment in favor of Ireland in pursuit of the goal

41 – The second half begins!

16.16 – Teams returning to the field, second half soon. Change in Italy: Bellini replaces Sperandio

44 – The first half is over! Garbici scores with a transition from a very vacant position, 27-10

43 ‘- Half Italy! Garbici’s best play for the mayor who is going to mark! 27-8

40 ‘- Another attacking pro in Italy, this time with a blue free kick, and Smith’s men return to play for a goal in the line – up.

38 ‘- Sexton still wrong in transition, 27-3, inactive

36 ‘- Meta Iron, 3rd in the competition: Connors scored, Italian defense tackles the hardest

33 ‘- Sexton transforms, 20-3

32 ‘- Half of Iron, Keenan throws the ball 18-3

30 ′ – Another great Irish defense, Italy trying their best but perceiving only a few offensive results so far

27 ‘- Italian melee collapses, punishment in favor of Ireland and good chance to fade

26 ‘- Italy’s pro, a few meters away from the goal line

23 ‘- Italian response, we go to a line out for the goal

18 ‘- Sexton score again on free kick, Ireland stretch: 13-3

16 ‘- Italy make many mistakes in setting up, another ball stolen by Irish, many violations by Assyria

12 ‘- Sexton scores with conversion, 10-3 in favor of Irish

11 ‘- Meta-iron with Ringgros, guests to sign after a long attack

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9 ‘- Italy suffer, Ireland a few centimeters from target, finally guests satisfied with another penalty

8 ‘- Another penalty for Ireland, who are going to play in our 22m

6 ‘- Sexton scores on a free kick, Ireland immediately equalize: 3-3

4 ‘- Italy ahead! Garbisi scores the second penalty given to the Assyrians

2 ‘- Immediate penalty for Italy, who can play in the opponents’ last 22 meters

1 – Game starts! Blue Garbici’s first kick

15.10 – Congratulations to Sportface readers, everything is ready at the Olympics for Italy-Ireland! The national anthem with the teams on the pitch in a matter of seconds

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