Live: Observe the International Space Station from Veracruz

Live: Observe the International Space Station from Veracruz

To all the inhabitants of this historic and beautiful port Veracruz, Today will be a very interesting day to catch a glimpse of the sky turning and passing by International Space Station (ISS), the only human orbiter orbiting the Earth since it was launched into orbit on May 23, 2010.

Completes an orbit around the International Space Station Earth It travels at an average speed of 7.66 kilometers per hour and a half, or about an hour and a half orbiting the planet.

It should be noted that due to its size (109 m or more or less) it is close to a field Football Weighing more than 450 tons, it is the third object visible to the naked eye in the sky and will go unnoticed as it passes through Mexico.

Reserve Visibility

According to the report National Aeronautics and Space Administration In the United States (NASA), the International Space Station will be visible through the Mexican sky on Monday, February 8, especially in the harbor. Veracruz, Of course, without clouds the sky would remain clear.

The time when you can turn your gaze and think about the passage of an object is around 7pm, which is easy to spot because it is the only object that travels at a significant speed and has a higher brightness. Projects Jpiter In the celestial vault.

So don’t forget to search, get yours out (if possible) Telescope, Focus your eyes well and go through one of the greatest man-made technological wonders of the last decades.

This station is very important for the scientific environment, it is a worldwide reference for the observation of planets, and its records are used for all kinds of study and to obtain images of the planet. Super Bowl As happened yesterday in Victory Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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