Live / Northern Ireland England Women (final result 0-5): Russian, double!

Live / Northern Ireland England Women (final result 0-5): Russian, double!

LIVE Northern Ireland v England Women (Result 0-5): Triple Whistle

England D beat Northern Ireland D 5-0 at St Mary’s Stadium. In the first half, the British were able to take the lead with a goal in the 40th minute after VAR initially disallowed a penalty kick. Kirby found Mead’s double in the 44th minute. The script didn’t change in the second half, with the Three Lions knocking off the poker with a double scored by new entry Rousseau between the 48′ and 53′ assisted by Mead and Toon respectively. There is also room for Burroughs’ own goal in the last part of the match at 76′. The three points gained today allow England D to reach 12th in the Euro 2022 Group A standings, while Northern Ireland remain unmoved and on zero. (Chronicle Alessandro Rinoldi)

Live Northern Ireland England Women Streaming Video TV: How to watch the match

The live from Northern Ireland England Women It will be guaranteed on Sky Sport Uno on channel number 201 of the satellite decoder, while it may not be broadcast on Rai. for Live streaming videoThe Sky Go app will be available, though logically reserved for subscribers.

The shooting started

By the fifty-fifth minute, the score had changed again between Northern Ireland and England, now 0 to 4. With Stanway among the ranks of the England D in these first bars of the second half, which began with the entries of Greenwood, Russo and Toon in place of Bright and White, the script was unchanged from what had previously been much praised, so new entry Russo looked to serve the trio with a fine header from Meade’s cross on 48 and drop the poker. . In 53, in this case when the toon passes. (Update by Alessandro Rinoldi)

End of first half

At the end of the first half of the game, the teams of Northern Ireland and England recently returned to the locker room with a score of 0 to 2. The minutes are running on the clock, but all three Lions insist on giving little or nothing. The Irish were able to advance to the 40 thanks to a goal scored by Kirby with a good shot. The double came in the 44th minute thanks to a goal from Meade, who was brilliant at freeing himself in the opposition area. Referee E. Staubli (Switzerland) has not drawn a card yet. (Update by Alessandro Rinoldi)

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Early stage of competition

In Southampton, England, the match between the women’s national teams of Northern Ireland and England started about fifteen minutes into the first half, with the score 0-0. In the early stages of the competition, English teams were best coached by Veringck. Start the challenge with the 6 looking dangerously into the attacking area when VAR denies them a penalty kick for an earlier handball. Here are the official line-ups: Northern Ireland D – Burns, Callaghan, Furness R., Holloway R., McFadden, McGuinness K., McKenna R., Nelson J., Rafferty, Vance D., Wade. Available from: Andrews, Burroughs K., Caldwell, Flaherty, Hutton, Magee A., McCarron C., McDaniel L., McGuinness, Turner, Wilson. Coach: Shiels. England D – Bright M., Bronze, Daly, Earps, Hemp, Kirby F., Mead B., Stanway G., Walsh K., White E., Williamson. Available from: Carter, England B., Greenwood, Hampton, Kelly C., Paris, Roebuck, Russo A., Scott J., Toon, Wubben-Moy. Coach: Weyrink. (Update by Alessandro Rinoldi)


Northern Ireland England The women start in a few minutes, and the statistics of these two teams after the first two days of Group A of European Women’s Football 2022 clearly show why their fates are radically different. Northern Ireland have lost two of their two matches so far against Austria and Norway, resulting in zero points in the points standings and an even worse goal difference of -5, thanks to just one goal scored against the six already scored.

A completely different music for England, two wins against the same two opponents in the group, so 6 points in the standings, the beauty of nine goals scored against a defense is still impeccable, so the goal difference of the masters of the house is definitely +9 for the moment. But now the word to the field: Northern Ireland England Women start! (Update by Mauro Mantegassa)

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In history

We are approaching Northern Ireland England Women live, the stories of these two British women’s national teams are very different. In fact, Northern Ireland has never participated in the World Championships and the Olympics in its history, and in its absolute debut at the European Championships, but this first participation will end tonight, because Northern Ireland is already aware of the fact that it goes beyond. Groups of the 2022 European Women’s Football Championship.

England has never won a major tournament, a ban reminiscent of the English national team, even for men, but it has persevered and is now dreaming big, perhaps driven by the home factor: third in 2015 and fourth in 2019 at the World Cup; Second in the European Championships in 1984 and 2009. The final will take place at Wembley on Sunday 31 July, and who knows if England can get there and whether the epilogue for the hosts will be better than their male counterparts a year ago, always at the European Championships – and against whom we know very well … (update by Mauro Mantegassa)

Competing without a history?

Northern Ireland England WomenInn Directly Kick-off this evening, Friday 15th July, from St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton ore 21.00 Italians for the third and final day in Group A (20.00 local time). European women’s football 2022. The Northern Ireland England Women live It will have the charm of a British derby, but in reality it will not offer anything: the hosts of England, who returned from the sensational 8-0 “burying” of Norway the previous day, are in the lead with full points. Classification of Group A leads up to 3 points in direct matches with the following two.

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This means England are guaranteed not only quarter-final qualification but top spot in the group, while Northern Ireland are stuck on zero points with two defeats and are already mathematically last and consequently have no hope of progressing in these European nations. Women’s football 2022. So it will be a kind of friendly between those who want to protect their honor and those who want to entertain their audience but not take too many risks: what will happen? Northern Ireland England Women live?

Possible training Northern Ireland England women

Let’s try presenting Potential Formation of Northern Ireland England Women, understanding that news can be on both fronts without ranking goals. Kenny Shiels could field Northern Ireland in a 4-4-2 formation: Burns in goal, protected by a back four of McKenna, Nelson, McFadden and Vance; Another line of four in midfield with Furness, Callaghan, McCarron and Holloway; Finally, subject to turnovers, an offensive line consisting of Wade and McGuinness.

The English need turnover above all else and their trajectory will naturally continue at the next level. It wouldn’t surprise us if England coach Zarina Wigman opted for a revolution in terms of starting line-up against Norway. Bronze, Bright, Williamson and Daly in defence; in medium Stanway and Walsh; Mead, white, hemp on trocar kirby supporting trident.

Prognostic, quote

Finally, let’s look at the forecast Northern Ireland England Women Based on the odds offered by the Snai agency, which is considered in favor of the British, formally distanced: sign 2 is originally quoted at 1.01, but on a draw it rises to 15 (sign X of course) or up to 40 times the stake in sign 1 if Northern Ireland wins.

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