Live – Kovid-19: The number of patients in intensive care is declining

Live - Kovid-19: The number of patients in intensive care is declining

Third dose

The American company Modena on Wednesday developed the first positive results of the experiments on the modified version of the vaccine against the South African variant and the effect of the third dose of the initial vaccine against Kovid-19. “This new data encourages us to reaffirm our confidence that our (dosage) booster strategy should protect against these new variants,” said Modena’s boss Stephen Bansel in a statement.

Forty people have already been vaccinated, meaning those who received two doses of the initial modern vaccine six to eight months into these trials. Some received the third injection of the new formulation (MRNA-1273.351) developed against the South African variant, while others received the third dose of the initial vaccine. Both of these options “increased the headlines and levels of antibody neutralization against SARS-CoV-2, and both variants of concern”, i.e. the South African and Brazilian variants, Modena said.

The vaccine formula, developed specifically for the South African variant, was found to be more effective than the original vaccine, the biotech company added. Another option is to look for a dose that includes the original vaccine and the new formula, but no results have been revealed yet.

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