Live – Kovid-19: “People from the United Kingdom” forced isolation

Live - Kovid-19: "People from the United Kingdom" forced isolation


Trapped in a social crisis, Tunisia is trying to save what it can save from a tourist season, promising to lose weight when health deteriorates. On April 29, the country’s borders reopened for tour operators, bringing in most holiday makers living in Tunisia. However, deaths related to Kovid-19 had reached a peak, raising concerns that increased hospital admissions could lead to oxygen deprivation, and the country announced a new one-week jail term in early May.

Since then, up to ten flights a week have arrived at Enfida Airport, serving mainly tourist cities such as Hammamet and Suse from Russia and Eastern Europe. Compared to Western European groups, nominally, these clients had already played a lifeline after the 2015 attacks on the Bordeaux Museum and Sus (60 killed, including 59 tourists), knocking the critical area to its knees. Economy.

But we are still far from the mark: overall revenue is down 54% compared to the same period last year, yet it has already marked the pandemic. That’s a 60 percent increase over 2019, from 14 144 million on May 10, to 40 404 million two years ago.

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