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Live – Kovid-19: A few days before the holidays, re-stimulation services continue to fill up in France

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“We’re worried”: A re-stimulus from Ezone warns that hospitals are “already at maximum tension”

“We’re concerned,” warns Dr. Edward Obadia, resuscitator at Claude Gallian Hospital in Quincy-Saus-Senart, Essex, on the BFMTV Plateau, which faces an influx of patients attending services within a week of Christmas.

“First of all, our health care system is already under maximum stress because we have been dealing with the rise of patients in medicine, critical care and rehabilitation services for a few weeks now. (…) is at a critical juncture. France,” the doctor warns.

Jean Castex defends the “effectiveness” of childhood immunization the day after his announcement

The day after his announcement of the establishment of the ‘Vaccination Pass’, during a visit to a vaccinodrome in Le Mans, Prime Minister Jean Costex this Saturday justified the “effectiveness” of vaccinating children against the spread of Kovid-19. Vaccination is open every 5-11 years.

Children should be vaccinated, “because they are contaminated,” he replied to one person who expressed his suspicion, reminding people who had been immunocompromised or suffering from serious illnesses that they could be affected by severe Kovid forms, even if they had been vaccinated.

“Early childhood vaccination is effective in this regard,” he said, insisting that the vaccine be given “voluntarily”, while a majority of parents oppose it, according to a poll.

UK: Executive panel calls for follow-up before 2022

The Government Advisers Group (SAGE) recommends that the government take new steps in the coming days to limit the current spread of the virus. BBC.

“If the goal is to reduce the level of infection in the population and ensure that hospital admissions do not reach the same height, more drastic measures need to be taken as soon as possible,” the scientists said in a statement from a working meeting. .

“The implementation date of these measures is crucial. Postponing them to 2022 will greatly reduce the effectiveness of such decisions and reduce the likelihood of preventing possible pressure on health and care institutions,” she warned.

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Damien Abadin, President of the LR Group in the National Assembly, tested the Kovid-19 positive.

Damien Abad, Ain’s deputy and president of the LR Group in the National Assembly, tested the Kovid-19 positive as announced on Twitter last night.

Selective indicates that you are experiencing “flu symptoms” and that a period of isolation has begun.

About 3,000 patients in critical care in France: Intensive care services continue to fill up

According to figures released by Public Health France on Saturday, French intensive care services continue to fill up, with the number of Kovid-19 patients set to rise again by the end of November.

There were 2,933 patients in these critical care services treating the most serious cases, up from 2,901 the previous day. 190 admissions took place within 24 hours.

In general, 15,370 patients were hospitalized. This is 40 less than the previous day, but this trend is a clear increase over the last month, almost doubling (+ 97%) during this period.

Public Health France reports 58,536 new cases in 48 hours, confirming an average of 50,000 daily cases a week.

Netherlands: The “detention” set up for the year-end celebrations begins this Sunday

As the Dutch Prime Minister announced yesterday, the Netherlands launched a new “continent” this Sunday morning in an effort to stem the fifth wave of the Kovid-19 and the strong advance of the omiciron variant.

“It’s inevitable in the fifth wave, the omiciron will spread faster than we feared. We must intervene now as a precaution,” Mark Rutte said.

All non-essential stores, restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums and theaters will be closed from today until January 14, while schools will be closed until at least January 9.

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Germany ranks the UK as the most dangerous country

On Saturday evening, German authorities announced that the United Kingdom was classifying the United Kingdom as one of the most dangerous countries for the Kovid-19 pandemic, resulting in a number of travel restrictions.

“The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland have been hit hard by Kovid 19. A new variant of the highly contagious disease has been identified,” the German Foreign Ministry said on its website.

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