“Little Brother” Chris has been suspended from CNN – Corriere.it

"Little Brother" Chris has been suspended from CNN - Corriere.it
From Massimo Gagi

The conductor was fired for supporting former governor Andrew, who was embroiled in sexual harassment allegations

New York – After Forced resignation, Three months ago, Andrew became governor, now there Suspension of Chris The end of the Cuomo Saga from CNN is: Italian American family When Mario, America’s favorite governor, could have been president of the United States One son dominated New York state politics for ten years Another became the most popular conductor of the popular US TV network.

He never loved the Democratic Party in his harsh, sometimes brutal way, In politics, Andrew Cuomo became very popular a year and a half ago for speaking sympathetically to Americans about the Pandemic. CNN took advantage of this by arranging television conversations between the two brothers while Chris, who was ill and had a fever, was broadcasting alone from the basement of his home. That America that looked at them sympathetically is no more: Andrew was swept away by a series of sexual allegations that suddenly surfaced. Chris now sees his television career ruined by the help he gave his brother during the months he tried to survive the inquiries about him.

He was long ashamed of being accused of being his brother’s mentor, Already in August Chris defended himself with his audience: “I do not act like a councilor, I act like a brother. He did not call other journalists to talk about Andrew. New York prosecutor Leticia James (now two candidates for Cumo’s office)’s investigation has twice rejected him. The first is that Chris attended meetings of the governor’s team dedicated to finding a defensive strategy. The presenter admitted that he had repeatedly apologized to the audience and the company that he had not inquired.

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He violated CNN’s Code of Conduct, but was pardoned Given the unusual political circumstances of the case. The network could not help but notice when the investigation found that Chris was trying to find out what other newspapers were (Especially the site Politics And the magazine New Yorker) They were preparing to write about Andrew’s case And on the women who blame him. Editors riot, Chris Liberal press attack, from Atlantic Al New York Times, His superiors were forced to suspend him. Donald Trump, who contemptuously called himself Frido, the godfather’s symbol of weakness and ambiguity, is happy (“big news”). Instead, the conductors of CNN’s right-wing rival Foxes show solidarity with Chris in their own way (“he’s bad, but this time he’s right: loyalty to his brother and family is before work”) anarchy on the opposing field.

The end of the story? Andrew, a character with a vengeful nature, meditates on revenge and rematch, and Chris’ most successful host, CNN, can bring him back when the water calms down. Maybe this is not the end of the story, but it’s the end of a success story.

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