Literature In the footsteps of the French president’s visit to Dublin

Custom House, Dublin

During President Macron’s visit to Dublin on Thursday, August 26, we will explore Dublin, the UNESCO Literary Capital.

The highlight of the presidential visit was a visit to the famous Trinity College, one of the best universities in Europe, founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592.

Trinity College Dublin Illuminated in blue-white-red during President Macron’s visit

The institute has formed many famous authors who have divided their lives between Ireland and France, and each year welcomes thousands of visitors who come to appreciate the rare books preserved in the stunning library.

Called The Old Library or “Long Room”, this magnificent room is a long masterpiece made entirely of wood, adorned with a round iron staircase. One can only imagine in Harry Potter a place with a magical atmosphere that inspired the Jedi library in the movie Stars Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones.

Long room
Long Room, Trinity College

It contains many valuable works, including Kells’ book, a treasure trove of medieval art, one of the finest testimonies of ninth-century calligraphic art and light.

You can admire the harp of Brian Boru, a 500-year-old instrument that has become the national symbol of Ireland.

Trinity College is also proud of its many students who are as proud as these famous treasures, some of whom are true symbols of the strength of the relationship between Ireland and France.

Among them was Samuel Beckett, the greatest Irish writer, poet and playwright of the twentieth century, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature and spent most of his life in Paris, participating in the French defense.

Samuel Beckett Bridge
Samuel Beckett Bridge

In addition, Irish writer, novelist, playwright and poet Oscar Wilde chose France for exile until the end of his life, inscribing the statue in Marion Square on the Presidential Route.

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Statue of Oscar Wilde in Marion Square
Statue of Oscar Wilde in Marion Square

Although he did not study at the Trinity, I can quote James Joyce, another Irish writer who loved France, who first published his novel Ulysses in Paris. A work celebrating the centenary of the dedication of Joyce, the annual festival, on Bloomsday, June 16, 2022. On this occasion, the whole city dressed in fashion of the time and went to places mentioned in Ulysses, such as the ancient Sweeney Pharmacy. Paris will be part of the celebrations, along with a five-month celebration from February 2022 at the Center Culture Ireland.

Sweeney's Pharmacy Pendant Bloomsday
Sweeney’s Pharmacy Pendant Bloomsday

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