LISTEN TO: Irish Champagne Marks 1H Intensity Mixing Rock, Techno, Rap and Electro

Jimi Hendrix, Peaches, Soft Cell, Novelist, slowthai, DJ Rush, Stingray, Drexciya, Mumdance… all these beauties can be found in Champagne’s super punchy new tracks mix.

A proud representative of the city of Galway, the Irishman Champagne has been rocking the European scene for several years thanks to his unique sound signature that mixes rave, techno and bass music. Co-founder of the community and website VSN and the label G-town Along with his compatriot Ketama, Champagne takes the helm of A Monthly Residency in Rennes France He knows how to put forward a very extensive guest list with that.

Very much attached to France, he now promises Tracks A dark and intense hour-long mix that bridges techno with glam rock and hardcore, News brings us the interview below. Have fun.

how are you today ? How was your summer?

I’m feeling great, and this summer has been really, really fun. I quit my full-time job as a hairdresser in the middle of the summer, which was a very difficult decision as I love cutting hair, but for the next few months I want to focus on music and all that comes with it. years Although the summer was not filled with gigs every week, every night was very special and I was happy to spend 90% of my time with my girlfriend, friends and family.

Can you tell us about this new blend you made for us?

Since the clubs have reopened and we’ve started mixing again, I’ve played sets with a bit more party-vibes than I did pre-Covid. The mix is ​​similar to the set I played at EMERGE in Belfast, which for me was supposed to be dark and intense. Recently, I’ve been really into psychedelia and 60s/70s/80s glam-rock/pop. Obviously, I love punk and hardcore, so I try to incorporate that kind of energy into my sets. I don’t know if it shows, but I think so anyway. That’s why there’s Jimi Hendrix, John Cooper Clarke, Peaches, and Soft Cell. Will it go with DJ Rush, Stingray, J-Zebel and Momdance? may be…

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How and where was it recorded?

It was recorded in my kitchen in the beautiful Chantella area of ​​Galway. I had the windows open and my neighbors are painting their shed pink so I hope they like it.

Rins As a resident of France, what do you think of the French electronic scene? Who are your favorite French artists?

I loved living in Paris in 2018. France has always been a part of my heart through music and football. I always loved Daft Punk, Feeds, DJ Mehdi, Justice, BC P and that crew, especially when I was in school. Right now in France there are many true legends like my friend Millie Serious, Bamboonow, Andy 4000, Alex Notal, Techi Latex and the whole Rinse crew. Their message was to stay authentic and never worry about “who” or fake hype. It’s always about what you play, not about your image or the sound around you. I think this is very indicative of the French scene, which is much more democratic than populist (mostly). Sometimes in other capitals it seems like trying to recreate an image or scene that disappeared in the 80s and 90s, repackaging it and reselling it to people who know nothing about it. In Paris, when I was there and now, from the outside, it’s not just an image like Barbie(e)Tourix or places like La Creole and L’Internationale, but full of pockets of voices and groups that really represent something. And John.

My favorite artists are: Bob Slee, Nathan Melja, Eze, Azamat B, Brudoo Ramses, Manare, Miley Serious, Andy 4000, Bamboonoo, Alex Notal, Mary Montexior, JKS, Techi… I think I mentioned it. Everyone probably forgot some except me!

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You are involved in the VSN World and G Town Records projects, can you describe these two projects for those who find you today through the mix?

VSN World and G Town Rex are my two babies. Nteyama and I have started these projects together over the years, and it’s fair to say they’ve both taken on a life of their own over time. VSN World started with a night out at a club in Galway, where we had our first residency, where we threw many great parties and brought in international and Irish artists. Over time, especially in the wake of the pandemic, I’ve slowly turned it into an online magazine and a home for our culture, with interviews from artists we love and flyers and photos from our parties over the years.

G TOWN Recs is really big league. It’s a label launched in 2021 with Evan’s (KETTAMA) EP and we’ve done three EPs so far (others on X CLUB and Tommy 2000). I think both our audiences have been impressed by the nights at the G Town Club and more recently on the Emerge Festival stage in Belfast. Through the music, the shows, the merch and even the sponsorship of Galway United Football Club, people really understand where we come from and what we love and that will continue. G TOWN Recs is here, the best record label in the world!

What are your next projects and when will your next (and first) gig take place in France?

I have a lot to do now. I’ll be playing a lot in Scotland soon, a few dates in the UK and Ireland. I’ll be down in Lyon for my French debut, which will be a very special night (hopefully) and I’ll be back in France early next year. I’m working on a TV show here in Ireland, but I can’t say much about that. I’m also going to do a really fun show on Halloween night at the Taibdherk Theater in Galway. It is a silent film titled Whose man, tells the story of the inhabitants of the Aran Islands who hunt the basking shark. I completely revised the soundtrack and will play it live at the screening. It’s disguised! You might see it at Cannes next year…

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Track list

  1. Jimmy Kammel – …And The Gods Made Love
  2. John Cooper Clarke – Obviously Chickentown
  3. Tsusing – 4 floors of prostitutes
  4. Boyz Noise – Twist Me
  5. Bruce – What?
  6. Anthony Napoli – OTT
  7. Floorplan – Let the congregation
  8. J-Zbel – ZHF (Gale Mix)
  9. Blackstone – Samba Oscura
  10. James Ruskin – Work (Steve Rachmad Mix)
  11. Drexia – Black Sea
  12. Enter Peder Mannerfelt – Reoccurring Disparity
  13. Mumdance & Logos – Teachers
  14. Pariah – Caterpillar
  15. Pangea – fuzzy logic
  16. Clouds – Peder Schram
  17. Slotai – Enemy
  18. Tommy Holohan – Harpcore Draw
  19. Cheval – Voices ringing in my head
  20. Peach – relieve pain
  21. Sleeparchive – Smokestack
  22. DJ Rush – Club Freaks
  23. Advantage of logos. Mumdance – Zoned In
  24. Novelist – Nov wait stop wait
  25. Special Request – Shattered Dreams
  26. DJ Stingray 313 – Dark Arts
  27. Soft Cell – Tainted Love
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