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The Cancellations of summer flights Way Airline companies. Thousands of routes across Europe have already been cancelled Shortage of staff due to layoffs during pandemic. Also, strikes called by flight and airport workers demanding better working conditions and adequate wages, after cuts in recent years, are causing inconvenience. Partial figures speak roughly 40,000 flights were cancelled, including 7,000 in Italy, but the numbers rise and change daily. for Try to get a refund There are several apps and online platforms that we have gathered in our review from any canceled flights.

  1. British Airways
  2. easyjet
  3. Turkish Airlines
  4. Scandinavian Airlines
  5. Wizz and Wizz Uk
  6. Vueling
  7. Tui Fly
  8. United
  9. Air Europe
  10. Saudi
  11. Lufthansa
  12. Ryanair
  13. Transavia
Which European airports are the most inconvenient for you on flights?

Airlines canceled more than 41,000 flights ahead of summer. A lack of ground staff is causing more and more inconvenience at Europe’s major airports

As reported BBCBritish Airways announced further cuts on July 6 10,000 flights between August and October. In this way, the company cut flights during the period covered Between April and October 2022, this will increase to around 30,000.. Also, the trade union unit will launch some strikes from July to August.

In addition to the various blocks foreseen by the company’s workers, between July 15 and 17 and July 29 to 31, the company will Between July 1 and July 15, 1,394 flights were cut.

According to a report by Travel Intelligence Company Mabrian TechnologiesAgain in the period between July 1 and 15, there is Turkish Airlines 399 aircraft were cut, which equates to about 7% of its air capacity.

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The flag carrier of Denmark, Norway and Sweden had the third highest number of canceled flights in the same period, totaling A reduction of 145 aircraft, a reduction of 2.47% in air capacity.

The Hungarian company and its UK arm were cut respectively 86, 45 flights, a total of 131 routes less.

Spanish low-cost airline canceled 69 Loves.

Belgian company cancelled 51 Loves.

US United Airlines seems to have canceled so far 30 likes.

Air Europa, the third largest Spanish airline by passenger numbers after Iberia and Vueling, has canceled. 12 Loves.

Saudi Arabia’s national carrier, Saudi Arabia, has seen its flights cut 11 likes.

group Lufthansa – Europe’s first airline, which includes Eurowings, Swiss Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Austrian Airlines – already cancelled About 3,000 flights from July to AugustOr 3% of scheduled ones, reduced Summer flights were scheduled 5% on Fridays and weekends, cutting another 900 connections.

However, the picture of cancellations is constantly updated and shows no signs of stopping. In addition to the already reported flights from July 14 to the end of August, The airline canceled another 2,000 flights. According to the German Economic Journal Handelsblattwill be deleted i Afternoon and evening connectionsDirect arrival and arrival to national destinations or neighboring countriesDirect flights to tourist destinations are canceled only in exceptional cases.

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