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Limerick (Ireland) – Munster Rugby-Benetton Rugby is valid for the sixteenth round of the final round Guinness PRO14 2020/2021 according to the initial calendar of the Celtic competition.

A Thomond Park Although the Irish opponent in the current Celtic competition is a warship, Kieran Crowley’s army wants to try their first victory, as the Red Army is at the forefront of Conference B.

There were no big emotions in the first half until the Lions, who were crowned captain Duanez, scored a proud goal. Mansten responds and returns to the lead, 10-7 at home with a goal for Hanrahan and a goal at the end of McHenry’s first split. The Red Army increased their lead in the second half with goals from Knox, Salanova and Healy. Benston Rugby scored Els for the second goal of the evening and Pettinelli for the third goal to make it 31-17 for Munster.

Nike got minutes and Monsterman They use their mulch to advance the green and white half of the well-resisted field. Then Riera Bennett lifts the rugby with a big kick. The Lions scrum does not intimidate the Irish team and there are no better chances in the first quarter of the game. Also, with a kick to cross the field, Alan puts pressure on the hosts in the 22 meters in Munster. At 22 the Lions scream, they first conquer the Oval in a melee presented by the Irish, and then they go to the goal with an unusual action. DeWald Downage.

Captain Oval breaks down the green and white after a good reuse from the land developed by Esposito, Riera and Petinelli. Alan transforms. The Irish want to get closer to Hanrahan, who is taking advantage of a mistake that whistled against Suliani for a high obstacle. The baron is punished for not retreating from a crash stage when two minutes have passed. From the resulting punishment, Alan does not target these positions. The first goal of his evening with McHenry was not more than 39 ‘when the Red Army scored. Hanrahan adds weight from the pitch and leads Monster 10-7 in the first half.

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At the start of the second half Crowley sends Gallo to Quagglio. The Irish get the best penalty and throw in the five meters at Benetton. Knox decides his team’s second goal after a series of multifaces; Hanrahan converts to 17-7 for Monster. It’s time for Alongi and Baravalle, along with Pasquale and Els. The Lions resist at five meters and reclaim the area. Sarto took charge of Tauyara.

After the Red Army continued with several multifacets and scored the third goal for Salanova Irish, Hanrohan is still accurate. For the Monster duo, 24-7, Maurice and Herbest make their debuts in green and white, replacing Petrosci, Benvenutti and Piantella. The Leoni They want to find another goal for the evening, which is mostly generated by Esposito, stopped for the previous forward. But at 70, Crowley’s troupe arrives with a well – deserved score, earning the Corneal Ls, which ends Trevizo Kart’s excellent work. Alan missed posts. The last change of green and white with Barbini for Sullivan. Munster finds the target for extra bonus points with Healy; Healy himself 31-12. The Lions’ last raid, which began on their own defense from Sarto, saw Giovanni Pettinelli score the third goal of the Bennett rugby evening, 31-17, in favor of the Irish.

Munster – Benetton Treviso 31-17

Marquee: 22 Meta Downage Tra. Allen, 26 ′ p. Hanrahan, 39 meta McHenry Tr. Hanrahan; 46 Meta Knox tr. Hanrahan, 58 Meta Salanova Tr. Hanrahan, 70 meta Ls, 74 meta Healy Tra. Healy, 79 Meta Petinelli.

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Note: Transformazione: Monster Rugby 4/4 (Hanrahan 3/3, Healy 1/1); Benetton Rugby 1/3 (Alan 1/3). Punicioni: Munster Rugby 1/1 (Hanrahan 1/1); Benetton Rugby: 0/1 (Alan 0/1). Man of the Match: Thomas Arhen (MUN).

Munster Rugby: 15 Jake Flannery (50 Matt Gallagher), 14 Andrew Conway, 13 Alex McHenry, 12 Rory Scannel, 11 Liam Cummus, 10 JJ Hanrahan (61 ′ Ben Healy), 9 Paddy Patterson (38 ′ Nick McCarthy) 8 Jack O’Sullivan, 7 Chris Cloyte (65 ′ Jack Daly), 6 Jack O’Donoghue (C) (68 ′ Tommy O’Donnell), 5 Thomas Arhen, 4 Sean Hurley, 3 Keenan Knox (57 ′ Roman Salanova), 2 Diormoid Baron (57 Rice Marshall), 1 Liam O’Connor (57 Jeremy Lofman).
Head Coach: Johan Vangran.

Benetton Rugby: 15 Jayden Howard, 14 Raduva Tavayara (55 ′ Leonardo Sarto), 13 Joaquin Riera, 12 Luka Morris (59 ′ Tomaso Benoventi), 11 Angelo Esposito, 10 Tomaso Allen, 9 Devalt Duanez (9). Corneal LS), 1 Nicola Quaglio (40 Thomas Gallo).

Head Coach: Kieran Crowley.

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