Lionel Messi, $ 130 million … in a year

Lionel Messi, $ 130 million ... in a year

The transfer of Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain has shaken up the ranks of international soccer and sports in general, while the Argentine is remembered as one of the favorite celebrities to make a lot of money.

In the latest annual ranking of the highest-paid professional athletes in the world, “Forbes” magazine ranked Messi second in May. The 34-year-old athlete earns $ 130 million a year, taking into account the amount he earns outside of his daily football activities; Fighter Connor McGregor alone received more than $ 180 million. In the second, however, he made it clear that the trade publication was related to the sale of his brand of whiskey and therefore the Irishman should not be above next year.

As a result, Messi was represented, excluding one of the highest-paid athletes on the planet.

According to Spanish and French media, Messi earned. 74.9 million (CAD $ 110m) a year with Barസa. In Paris, he would pocket about 40 million euros ($ 59 million CAD).

For the latest rankings, his career-related total as an athlete is $ 97 million (CAD $ 122 million).

That’s a lot more than third-placed Cristiano Ronaldo. He received $ 120 million, but only $ 70 million from his regular compensation.

Precious gem

Also, it is not surprising that FC Barcelona resigned from their top player. In addition, with a salary cap in Spain and huge debts of more than US $ 556 million, it is not surprising that Messi packed his bags.

In contrast, the Parisian organization has taken advantage of UEFA’s simplified measures in view of better financial sportsmanship (“financial fair play”). As the epidemic continues to rage, the International Federation has relaxed rules for clubs, especially those who spend more than they receive.

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The highest paid professional athletes in the world

1- Connor McGregor (UFC), $ 180 million

2- Lionel Messi (soccer), $ 130 million

3- Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer), $ 120 million

4- Duck Prescott (NFL), $ 107.5 million

5- LeBron James (NBA), $ 96.5 million

6- Neymar (soccer), $ 95 million

7- Roger Federer (tennis), $ 90 million

8- Lewis Hamilton (F1), $ 82 million

9- Tom Brady (NFL), $ 76 million

10- Kevin Durant (NBA), $ 75 million

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