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Lily James dines with Dominic Cooper at the first public shoot after the Dominic West scandal

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‘Downtown Abby’ and her ‘Mum Mia! Here we are starring again, about a month after our romantic journey with a married actor at a restaurant in Primrose Hill, north London.

Lily James Discovered for the first time after her insulting pictures with a married woman Dominic West Appeared online. The British actress was found hanging out with her longtime friend Dominic Cooper Tuesday, November 3rd.

Two friends enjoy dinner at Lemonia Greek Restaurant in Primrose Hill, north London Daily Mail. In the images obtained by the site, James was seen trying to go into disguise in a navy coat, blue top and black pants.

Cooper co-starred with James in Drama Music 2018Mum Mia! here we go again“, Wearing a blue shirt, matching jacket and black pants, followed the 31-year-old beauty into a black cabin, holding a bottle of wine.

An eyewitness e! The news is that the two went out at night with a slightly different description that the meeting took place on Monday, November 2 instead of Tuesday. “Lily had a business dinner in Lilonia on Monday night with Dominic Cooper and another friend,” officials said.

“Everyone seemed to be friendly, hearty and recovering. Lily sat across the table from Dominic, and they shared a bottle of wine and Greek food. After the meal, they laughed and chatted for a while,” the eyewitness said. “The restaurant closed at 10pm, and they finally left. Everyone went together and climbed into the back of a cabin.”

James’ first shooting comes a month later.The pursuit of love“On their close trip to co – star Dominic West Rome, they were pictured sharing an electric scooter with their hands on Lily’s waist.

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After the pictures from their unfortunate journey came out, Dominic and his wife Katherine announced that they were still together. Meanwhile, James remained a key figure until his first appearance on TV after the scandal.Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon“Promotion of her new Netflix movie on October 23”Rebecca“.

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