Like their companions in Rome, the Blues offer a podium in Lisbon

Like their companions in Rome, the Blues offer a podium in Lisbon

One week after the victory in Ugarhain, Denmark, and the CSIO 5 * victory in Rome a few hours later, the Blues once again stood out, this time in Portugal. If the final victory in this Longines EEF Nations Cup is for Ireland, France will be second with eight points behind Cedric Hurrell, Max Trujillo, Aurelian Leroy and Olivier Pero. Spain completed this podium.

Last night, for the 100th edition of CSIO 3 * in Lisbon, Ireland won the fourth round of the Longines EEF Nations Cup 2022. With Taylor Ward as the team leader, the Irish quartet, which includes Richard Howley and Prelet Z’s Consultant, went on to join Jessica Burke with Namia, Kevin Gallagher with Ballipatrick Flamenco, and Jenny Rankin with Conme Carmela Z, four. After the first rotation with two courses punished by one error, the Irish signed a second round of impeachment, thus erasing Jessica Burke’s eight points thanks to three excellent courses. Special mention to Richard Howley, author of one of the four double clear rounds of the event, and his son Consultant Z, who already finished second at the 3 * Grand Prix in Le Touquet in early May.
Second behind France after the first rotation, perfect courses put pressure on Hubs. Special mention should be made of the last lap of Jenny Rank, who carried the weight of the victory on Olivier Pero’s shoulder and became decisive. Ronalpin, the author of Clean First Lap with Doray de Aigville, who has been very consistent with his GL events over the next few months, moved two bars off the cleats in this second act, thus promising success to the Emerald Isle.
Previously, the Blues had won the best first round, where three excellent courses by Olivier Pero, Cedric Hurrell and Max Thiruine eliminated Aurelian Lero’s score. Only the rider of Crocell de Blegnac, who finished 13th at the last French Pro Elite Championships, was the opposite in the second round who completed the empty course. Cedric Hurrell, who participated in his second event at this level with his Fantasio Florive Z, is the most consistent, ever-four-point second-round writer, as is Max Throy and his loyal utopian Villalong, who are nothing dramatic. Strengthening Tuesday to replace first-choice Robin Le Squire and Dorado de Riverland.
Ireland finished with four points for eight against France, well ahead of Spain by sixteen. With five courses destroyed by a bar, the Spaniards added points. Fortunately, the best courses of Mariano Martinez Bastida and Belano vd Vijnanov Z, the apt courses of Armando Tropot and Tornado VS, advanced to the 4 * Grand Prix, winning a fixed Penelope Leprevost at the Wager de la Frontera in early March. Despite being on points with Belgium, the new Nations Cup rules allowed Spain to advance, taking into account the team’s total time clock.

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“Winning a Nations Cup is always great!”

Sociedad Hipica Portugal’s career has allowed nine competing teams to experience the grass track in an atmosphere conducive to the best of events. The fluid course, built by the Portuguese course designer Bernardo Costa Cabral, allowed the horses to ride, while a certain number of special attention-seekers were obliged to respect precise distances, doubling like a river line.
Only four double-clear rounds have been counted, with Richard Howley and Consultant de Prelet Z, Belgian Gilles Thomas (!) Celebrating his 24th birthday, and American Alex M മാtz of Cashew CR being linked to cholera. At the head of Dispo Seas as Brazilian Joao Victor Castro. Keep in mind that in these EEF Nations Cups, each team is obliged to select a rider under the age of twenty-five. This Friday the reserve called Nina Malleva with Edward Coopery Corazon for this CSIO.
“It was as good as ever! The hospitality here is fantastic and it was very exciting to get there for the 100th edition. Winning a Nations Cup is always great! Said Taylor Ward, head of the Irish team.
“Winning a clear round in a Nations Cup for your country and your team is an amazing feeling. I’m glad we were able to do that tonight. It’s always easier when you have a good horse, and it’s easier to get a double clear round! Richard Howley, author of one of the show’s four double zeros, was thrilled.

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