Like Jupiter and Saturn, another gas-filled planet is born outside the Solar System

Like Jupiter and Saturn, another gas-filled planet is born outside the Solar System

Eight planets, including Earth, currently orbit the Sun regularly. But this time, scientists have found another star. Basically, they found evidence that a planet orbiting this star was born. This planet, which is full of hydrogen and helium, is called AB or B. Basically, there are two gas-filled planets in the Solar System – Jupiter and Saturn. Earth and Mars are known as rocky planets.

Scientists have discovered the planet using the Subaru Telescope and the Orbiting Hubble Space Telescope, located near a dormant volcano on the island of Hawaii. However, astronomer Teen Curry of the Subaru Telescope told Reuters that the planet was still in its infancy. He also works at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Teen Curie is the lead author of an article in the journal Nature Astronomy about the discovery of new planets.

The movie Don’t Look Up, which was released on Netflix in 2021, featured pictures of the AB ORC star. That is why it is so familiar to many. The distance of this star from the Earth is about nine and a half trillion kilometers. About 5,000 planets have been discovered outside the Solar System so far. Of these, AB Origin B is the largest. Currently, astronomers say the planet’s mass is nine times larger than Jupiter’s. Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System and is 320 times the mass of Earth.

Scientists say the planet AB RIG B is farther away than the star AB RIG B. Neptune, the farthest planet in the Solar System, is about three times the distance from the Sun, and ABRG B is three times the distance from the star ABRG. AB Origis is 2.4 times heavier than the Sun. And 70 times the brightness. However, the origin of AB is only 2 million years old. The Sun was born four and a half billion years ago. Scientists say that the creation process of AB RIG B planets is different from the process of making ordinary planets.

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