Lights and shadows of a people shining on the margins of society –

Lights and shadows of a people shining on the margins of society -

They appear especially when it is dark, because there are fewer cops around, and the reflections are better seen. They call them the Silver Man, the Human Perak. They are young people, women, shining children. With pandemic their number increased considerably. They illuminate the nights of Jakarta, the capital of the world’s fourth most populous country, and other cities in Indonesia, mourning the loss of at least 40,000 lives and millions of jobs due to Kovid.

Metallized people Charity demands. Mostly at traffic lights. Chromats stand still or move like robots between cars. Lots of naughty people (because they are more isolated). Everyone follows his script. At intersections in the western suburbs of Jakarta, there are former taxi drivers like Alfan who work with two associates. Or unmarried mothers who ask the police to perform like Puryanti (wearing a mask) with their 5-year-old son and 15-year-old grandson Rafi. Who is alone, who is in groups, everyone unites at least two things in life: poverty and strange quixelware.

It all happened In the center of the city, on the streets or in front of museums, you can see creatures painted in silver and gold making living statues. The human parasites in Indonesia are a compact subgroup of this fragmented, painful, imaginative humanity. Even beggars have trouble being noticed. In Jakarta they paint themselves in silver from head to toe, as if to attend some millennial ritual. Instead, it’s just the daily hunger to push them away. According to Engapuli Perangin-Angin, head of social assistance in the capital, their outbreak over the past year has been largely linked to the impact of the Pandemic. The recession also affected the largest economy in Southeast Asia, where the poverty was already over 26 million, 10% of the population.

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I am not ashamed Puryanti told the newspaper to ask for money in this manner Patron. On a good day, a divorced mother like her can raise up to 70,000 rupees, which is equivalent to 4 euros, enough for rent and food. For color, use homemade paint with inexpensive ingredients, and combine cooking oil and ink for screen prints. Former taxi driver Alfan and company use metallic paint. Wearing it causes health problems, which no one has yet studied or measured. Indonesia is one of the countries most affected by mercury poisoning associated with small craft gold mines: In a 2016 study, doctors estimated that 20,000 babies were born with severe defects because their parents inhaled mercury vapor. House to separate small pieces of gold extracted from groundwater.

To the sons of Mercury Chromed children now overlap in the Indonesian islands, often hunted down by police. One might think that Manusiya Perak wears such leather shields to protect their dignity and hide their personality. But the Android side of Star Wars helps to make it more visible, thus stirring the erroneous distraction of passers-by. Silver mothers and babies do not hide. They glow at night.

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