Life Program: 290 million euros from the EU Commission for projects related to nature, environment and climate.

Life Program: 290 million euros from the EU Commission for projects related to nature, environment and climate.

Thursday, November 25th European Commission ‘S investment package approved 290 million euros for 132 new projects In the background Life Program, EU funding tool for the environment and climate activities. According to Brussels estimates, these funds will raise a total investment of 2 562 million, with projects in almost all member states. Targeting new life projects To help Europe become a climate-neutral continent by 2050, To put Biodiversity The European Union is on the path to recovery by 2030 Green shooting Post-Covid EU. 2021-2027 This is the first batch of selected projects under the new programming period, which sees an increase of about 60% in funding.

The LIFE program has been in operation since 1992 and has co-sponsored more than 5,500 projects throughout the European Union and outside the EU. Funding for the period 2021-2027 is 4 5.4 billion In addition, there are four new sub-programs: nature and biodiversity, circular economy and living standards, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the transition to clean energy.. Projects approved today (November 25, AD) will receive funding for all four sub-programs from 2022.

France Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Green Deal said: “Climate and biodiversity crises are actually existential crises No time to waste. COP26 in Glasgow recognizes the need to accelerate our operations throughout this decade. Through the European Green Deal, the European Union is working to reduce emissions, restore nature and ensure sustainable use of resources. We can only succeed if we work together in all areas. Life projects are a prime example of this: bringing citizens, public institutions, industries and NGOs together to work for climate and the environment.”.

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Virginius cinchovicius, Commissioner of Environment, Oceans and Fisheries added: “Interconnected crises Climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution These are the challenges that define our time. To address them, we need a profound transformation of our societies and economies, to achieve a carbon-neutral future and to learn to live within the boundaries of our planet. Life projects show you how to do this. They have a strong influence on earth, showing the added value of European cooperation.

Through this new package, the Commission has set aside approximately 3 223 million for projects related to the environment, resources, natural and biodiversity, governance and environmental information. In addition, it invests more than 70 million in various climate change mitigation, adaptation, governance and information projects.

Examples of projects across Europe

An important international project will be restored Swamps in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Poland were destroyed. Planned activities include restoring the carbon footprint of the Thailand and contributing to the aspiration. By 2050, the EU will achieve climate neutrality. The project will raise groundwater levels and help protect flora and fauna protected by EU bird and habitat directives.

We will see another project Italian chefs promote climate-friendly, nutritious and affordable diets and reduce food waste Through awareness, communication and education campaigns aimed at consumers, employees and others. Among other things, this project contributes to the strategy Farm to fork, Circular Economy Action Plan and Waste Framework Recommendation.

A Bulgarian project team will protect population reproduction, wintering and migration Bird species by reducing deaths due to electrical infrastructure. They will identify hazardous medium voltage power lines and replace overhead power lines with underground cables in the most important parts. The EU is contributing to the implementation of this project on the basis of bird feed.

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Demonstrates the possibility of using a polish project Renewable energy for cooling public buildings A French project will create an innovative system to optimize the use of resources Recover waste from local construction and public works. Both projects support the wave of EU reform that began in October last year.

Scrutiny of numbers

39 Life will support the implementation of nature and biodiversity projects, EU bird and habitat proposals, and the EU Biodiversity Strategy of 2030. Their total budget is 9 249 million, of which the EU will provide 4 134 million.
The 45 Life projects for the environment and resource efficiency will raise 16 162 million, of which 78 78 million will come from the EU. The European Union will invest 55 55 million in 10 waste-reducing projects, contributing to the Circular Economy Action Plan. Another യൂറോ 50 million will be used to fund 16 water quality projects.
8 Life Environmental Management and Information Plans Raise awareness on environmental issues such as biodiversity loss and air pollution. They will provide the public authorities with tools to promote, monitor and enforce EU environmental law. Their total budget is over 19 19 million, of which the EU will contribute about 11 11 million.
The 17 Life projects to mitigate climate change will have around 66 66 million in funding, of which about ദ 35 million will be allocated by the EU. Examples of projects include promoting climate-neutral agriculture and improving heat recovery in iron and steel production.
The 17 Life projects to adapt to climate change will raise about 52 52 million. Of this, approximately ശ 29 million came from the Life Fund. The projects include forest adaptation to extreme weather events and climate improvement

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