Life Hack from Chemical Sciences Candidate – TSN Exclusive –


The specialist showed you the best ways to clean any metal products.

Chemical Sciences candidate Gleb Ripich, a teacher at a remote school, visited TSN. The studio showed Not fake, how do you know you have real gold. Does the voltage drop really threaten any jewelry?

In more detail – in the material TSN.19: 30.

“The voltage drop will not damage the gold jewelry in any way. There is one A way to distinguish 100% gold from home counterfeit. You need Iodine. Apply a drop of iodine on the product and wait for a minute, ”said the scientist.

Next (after 1 minute) you should rinse the tincture in plain water. If a layer of black plaque forms on the product, it indicates 100% that it is genuine gold. This metal reacts very easily with iodine.

After inspection – clean the jewelry. This requires soda and boiling water, which should be mixed in a glass jar. Next you need to take a piece of foil and place it on the bottom of the glass. We put a gold product in there. In general, this method is best for cleaning any metal products. You should get the jewelry in a few minutes and polish it with a cloth.

We will remind, scientists said, Fruits and vegetables help improve sleep. If you have difficulty sleeping occasionally, you should not rush to the pharmacy immediately for sleeping pills.

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