Libya suspends foreign minister Election Conflict –

Libya suspends foreign minister  Election Conflict -
From Lorenzo Cremonesi

It has been announced that the road to the polls on December 24 will be stormy. Mangush said he was ready to consider extraditing to the U.S. a former secret service executive accused of organizing the Lockerbie attack.

With the appointment on December 24, the Libyan election campaign will begin in the midst of personal strife and political strife. The announcement was made by the Presidential Council two days ago External Affairs Minister Najla Mangosh’s “suspension for two weeks”, Theoretically could not leave the country until the end of the investigation. Meanwhile, the election yesterday of the powerful Khalifa Haftar from Sierra Leone to send her son Saddam to visit Israel does not raise much criticism.

Mangush, who was not particularly fond of the Muslim Brotherhood, was accused of going beyond his duties. Bbc She said she was ready to consider Ex-executive of Gaddafi’s secret services extradited to USAbu-Akhila Mohammed Masood, accused of attacking Pan Am Boeing 747 in December 1988 when it exploded in the Scottish skies of Lockerbie, causing more than 270 deaths. An issue resolved in 2003 should not have been reopened by the Minister. When Tripoli agreed to pay compensation to the families of the victims, they told the Presidential Council that they were looking for more visibility than ever before.

The government of interim Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dabaiba had earlier rejected the move. “Minister Mangush is continuing his journey. It will take place on November 12 at the Paris Conference., Referring to the summit that Macron wanted to facilitate the electoral process and resume the French role, spokesmen for the Prime Minister said. The confrontation seems to be lasting. But he is not alone. This was announced by Tobrook Parliament President Aguila Sale yesterday A double ballot will be held on December 24 to elect the president And Parliament on the basis of controversial election law. And opens the fight for candidacy. Haftar is not well-liked by Tripoli militias who fear a new alliance between Israel and Benghazi troops.

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