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Liam Neeson was sure that “96 hours” would fail

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Liam Neeson in 96 Hours (2008) © Eurocorp

That: Entertainment Weekly

A surprise hit will change the course of their entire careers, even for long-established actors. Johnny Depp is with it Caribbean pirates Happened, thanks to the career of Robert De Own Jr. Iron Man Fresh wind on ships. Liam Neeson, Mainly through his dramatic roles in films like Schindler’s List, Michael Collins And Rob Roy Known, made this experience 96 hours (OT: Taken) In the mid-50s, he became one of the most popular action stars in Hollywood. It worked 96 hours Like any other European action film produced by Luke Besson Transporter Or The kiss of the dragon. These have always had their place, but never had much success at the global box office.

But 96 hours It was different, although it was published in other countries long before it was launched in the US and circulated online as a copy of Pirates, but in early 2009 it reached the North American box office and grossed $ 145 million. Only. It has grossed over $ 225 million worldwide, two commercially successful but low quality sequels.

Ironically, Neeson himself did not believe in the success of his film from the beginning because he is now in an interview on the occasion of his low-action outrageous comedy. Made in Italy Across from Entertainment Weekly Betrayed: (From English)

Before and after insulting our wonderful writer and my friend Robert Camman, I said, “Okay, this is going to go straight into the video. Leave a little European thriller straight to DVD for a few weeks with France and the will.” But he successfully ran in France and then went straight to South Korea. Go, and he succeeded there too. Then my nephew called me from Ireland and said, “Um, Uncle Liam, we saw your movie.” I asked, “What movie?” They said, “Um, 96 hours.” I asked, “What do you think? You could not see him at all.” They said, “Okay, we downloaded this from South Korea.” I said, “You can’t do that! What do you say ?!” So I thought, “My nephew is breaking the law,” which really bothered me, “Well, that’s it. If you can download it, it’s free.” But Fox got the movie, and a good trailer showed it together in a few sports competitions across the country, and they made it a real success. The first weekend it started at No. 3, then it went to No. 2, then it went to No. 1, then it went to No. 4, and then it went to No. 3 again. He had this unusual cycle. That’s how it started, and then there were the second and of course the third projects. It was luck, you need a little luck in this business.

However, Nisan’s memory is not entirely correct, because 96 hours The first weekend started at number one at the US box office. However, this film shows exceptional box office stamina but honest word spreads.

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In the interview, Neeson explained how his extraordinary lineup first came about:

That was great. We shot the first 96 hours 13 years ago, and I turned 55 when we finished shooting. My beloved late wife and I were at a film festival in Shanghai, where one of their films was screened and Luke Besson was on the jury. I read the 96-hour screenplay and approached him and said, “Look, I’m sure I’m not on your favorite list for this movie, but I was a boxer, I like fight scenes, and I have some fantasy movies and swords like that. “So one thing led to another. Of course, I was like a kid in a toy store making movies, hanging out with stunt people, working on those fight scenes, applying weapons – I loved it.

After Taken 3 Neeson ended his role as Brian Mills, but contrary to previous claims, he will not give up his action career entirely.

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