Liam Neeson (Qi Gon Jin) is confused about the success of the saga

Liam Neeson (Qi Gon Jin) is confused about the success of the saga

After revealing whether he will participate in this series or not Obi-Wan Kenobi, Liam Neeson He said he was a little confused by Saga’s immense success.

“I’m confused”

Become a real enthusiast Star Wars, It deserves it. Not less than 12 films, including three trilogies (no special anniversary or Christmas counted), The Clone Wars, Rogue One at Solo. And several series Clone wars, Recent Montalorian The latest Bad batch. That’s all, There is already plenty of content to watch this. What dazzles some people who feel overwhelmed by the events and the scale of the saga.

This is the case with the talented actor Liam Neeson, Introducing Qi-Gon Jin. During a media interview Collider, Confirms that the Irish star is confused by his undeniable success after many years of existence. Appeared Phantom Menace, iI use this as a starting point to think about how the franchise works Star Wars Evolved Because he is part of it.

I’m a little confused, I have to admit, you know when I was in the first movie Phantom Menace, it has been “Oh, and you want to sign that this is for my baby!“Replace it now”Oh, do you want to sign this? This is for my dad!“Or”Will you sign that this is for my grandfather!“Three generations after the release of these films, it is beyond me.

Liam Neeson: “I can’t wait to see the next spin-off”

If Liam Neeson seems to be nostalgic and overly delusional on the level of Saga, He tells me how he found it and how he follows this saga day. There were many rumors about his presence in the next spin-off casting Obi-Wan, He had already answered in the negative, But can’t wait to see a series based on his character’s disciple:

I remember going to Belfast, going to the theater, going on vacation one day and seeing the first, with episode IV, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher, of course, this movie was full. All ages, children, the elderly … this amazing movie takes place in space, takes place in different places – it was absolutely unique and incredibly entertaining. I never thought I would be a part of this at some point. But with all these sequels now, I’m not surprised there’s an OB-van spin-off. I can not wait to see it, a lot.

Next series Obi-Wan Kenobi Will be highlighted Ivan McGregor, Back to the title role Hayden Christensen, Resumes his role in Dark Vador. The series is underway After 10 years Sith’s revenge Nine years ago A new hope. It describes the adventure of a Jedi master in a galaxy who ruled the Galaxy Empire with an iron fist. We will find out there The same technology used Montalorian To emulate digital sets.

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