Liam Neeson makes his own fights, but leaves the stunts to gain

Liam Neeson makes his own fights, but leaves the stunts to gain

Although he continues to act in fight scenes, Liam Neeson now refuses to do his own stunts.

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The Northern Irish actor became a late star in action movies after a successful career in dramatic comedy Taken, Published in 2008.

The 69-year-old is still one of the most sought after action movie heroes in Hollywood, but unlike Tom Cruise, he admits he wants to give up dangerous stunts for achievements.

I’m not one of those actors who says “I do my own stunts”. I don’t do stunts, ”he said in an interview with his new Netflix movie. Ice Road.

But despite his understanding of the shocks, he is the one who appears in his fight scenes. “I fight on my own,” he added. I want to do that. So I make the most of it. But stunts, no. I will leave it to Mark Vancelo. He’s a fight choreographer and he’s my stuntman. “

After collaborating on 24 feature films, Neeson thanked me for helping me become today’s action star.

“I trust him completely,” he explained. We did a lot of fight scenes with different stuntmen in different places around the world. The sign is a rock. If he sets up a fight scene, for example, he first records it on his iPhone and shows it to me. I can give a few suggestions, but often I do not because it is good. ”

Ice RoadLiam Neeson plays a truck driver in a rescue operation to save the lives of miners trapped in an iceberg, now streaming on Netflix.

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