Liam Gallagher presents new single ‘All You Are Dreaming Of’ on Thames

Liam Gallagher presents new single 'All You Are Dreaming Of' on Thames

Liam Gallagher Tonight (December 5) he is set to share his ‘Down by the River Thames’ livestream event and preview the show with a performance Fallon.

In a new performance at midnight, Gallagher unveiled his new festival single ‘All You Dreaming Off’ as he drifted down from a barge on the River Thames in London.

Watch Liam Gallagher’s ‘All You Dreaming Off’ floating performance for last night’s (December 4) T editionTonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon Below.

Gallagher’s ‘Down By the River Thames’ show will only air tonight on MelodyVR, following fans first seeing it perform on the Gallagher River last month.

Along with his entire band, you will find LG iconic songs, fan favorites, a few surprises that pervaded his solo career, and the legendary tenure of Oasis Friendman.

Reviewing the new festival single presented by Gallagher Fallon, Wrote me: “More than a Boozy Christmas Eve at 6pm, the post-10 is more suited to the craziness and pie crash, filled with a new side of Gallagher’s voice with small chords and events in the‘ Dream of You ’diary, the best slow-dance-worthy ballad where a pitch-pass.

“It would be a pity if he did not attend Jules’ Hot Nanny for Tearjerker at 11pm after a few fires, he loves us from 2020 and has hope for the future. Yes, this is Liam Gallagher we are still talking about. 2020 seems to have made him even a little more emotional. ”

Despite having the new livestream gig, Gallagher recently said that he will not be doing a gig on Zoom anytime soon.

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“You always have to grow up, I’m not kidding,” Gallagher said in a recent interview. “It’s not me, it’s ridiculous.”

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