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LG 2021 TVs have improved AI capabilities

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Today, the leadership of South Korean manufacturer LG has presented to the public something like a technical report on the capabilities and features of its new smart TVs – we are mainly talking about the LG Z1, G1, C1, B1 and A1 TV lines. Ability to use special artificial intelligence function to improve LED displays, image and sound quality. In particular, it was known that LG was able to integrate such an artificial intelligence into an ideologically new type, which is evident in the new All Picture Pro feature, which has unique moments.

First, the function presented primarily with the help of special algorithms and scripts to identify, mark, distribute, and determine the types and positions of objects in the frame, such as the sharpness of the image, and the sharpness of the image compared to other objects.

Second, the introduction of new types of displays in front of OLED, QLED, and QNED allows LG to experiment with different scripts in a better and more fun way, with an approach to integrating more scripts. Simply put, the user has to select one or more modes of operation of the smart TV, and he or she will automatically start adjusting certain aspects of the image on the display. Also, in the subsequent rows of TVs, one way or another, there is an opportunity to initially select one or another operating mode.

Moreover, the newer models of the LG TV lines have a fourth generation of built-in alpha processor chips, with the help of which LG’s proprietary software works more revealing and better. Now, it remains to be seen the final results of the work done by the team of specialists, including user reviews and buyer comments from past users who have acquired one or more models of the LG Smart TV.

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