LFI MEP Manon Aubrey believes “15% tax is not enough for multinationals to avoid tax evasion”

LFI MEP Manon Aubrey believes "15% tax is not enough for multinationals to avoid tax evasion"

MOP la France Inzoise (LFI) Mann Aubrey, a member of the European Parliament’s “Taxation” subcommittee on G20 finance, met in Venice, Italy on Saturday, July 10, with the aim of imposing a global tax on multinational corporations. “Courage to show the way” To fight tax evasion.

franceinfo: Why is it important for multinational companies to impose global taxes?

Manon Aubrey: Tax rates have halved in 30 years. Large companies pay lower and lower taxes as a result of tax competition, which results in tax competition being close to zero or very low and encouraging states to reduce taxes. This is exactly what Emmanuel Macron did in France. So the idea is to end this competition. The question now is how to stop it and at what rate. Unfortunately, the 15% rate above a tax base like Ireland is very low, which brings in relatively little money.

However, the French government wants to overcome this 15% …

Let me have some doubts, because that was not France’s position in the negotiations. In fact, it stuck to a very low rate and, in a strategy, we could figure out how to make a deal as soon as possible. But we can go further and set this minimum rate at 21, 25 or 30%. It will also encourage other states.

“If we want political commitments today, I believe we need to have states that have the courage to lead the way. Yes, 15% does not say who is enough to stop tax evasion.”

Manon Aubrey

To Francinefo

Some countries will block, like Ireland, Hungary and Estonia. Would this be a problem if the EU could not find a common ground?

I think we need to be very clear and tell the recall states: “Don’t you want to fight tax evasion? We’m going to do this without you, we’m going to collect unpaid money in your country.” In other words, companies like Apple and Amazon that go to Ireland without paying taxes in France will collect the difference unilaterally. I think the only way to show tax bases is that they cannot plunder the tax revenue of other member states without punishment.

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